Find out how to choose your stand, select your contractor, finalise your designs and more in under three minutes!

Welcome to our bitesize guide to organising your exhibition stand! You’ll know everything about stage two of the exhibition planning process in under three minutes.

Each week we are covering a different stage of trade show planning. Last week we gave you a bitesize guide to booking your show. In this article you’ll learn how to organise your exhibition stand by following these steps:

  • Choose which type of stand you want
  • Research contractors & gather free design proposals and quotes
  • Select your contractor
  • Finalise the 3D design and design features on your exhibition stand
  • Graphic design
  • Sign off

Next week we’ll cover everything you need to know about event preparation, including how to select your staff, book stand dressing and plan competitions to host on your stand. If you can’t wait that long then click here to download your free planning tool and get a head start. Other than that, let’s get into the second stage of exhibition planning:

Choose which type of stand you want

This is an obvious step, but we’ve met so many customers who don’t know the difference between a linking banner system and a custom modular exhibition stand.

You wouldn’t approach a contractor that specialises in shell scheme graphics if you wanted a fully-fledged exhibition stand with integrated product showcases and audiovisual elements unless you didn’t know the difference…

This exhibiting guide will help you differentiate between the six exhibition display options so you can make an informed decision.

Research contractors & gather free design proposals and quotes

This step is pretty straightforward once you’ve chosen which type of stand that you want. You’ll see the same names so you just have to do some research.

Have a look at their websites, see if they have client reviews, case studies or a gallery showing previous stands they have designed. It’s also worth checking out their Google Reviews and Trustpilot rating.

Reach out to a handful of contractors and let them know what type of stand you want and what size and orientation your floor space is. Then just sit back and wait for design proposals.

You won’t be able to get a definitive quote until you’ve finalised the design, but they should provide you with a realistic estimate at the very early stages – all with no obligation.

Select your contractor

By now you:

  • Chosen which type of stand you want
  • You’ve gathered your free design proposals
  • You’ve looked at several quotes

All that’s left to do is select the contractor that you want to work with on your exhibition stand.

Finalise the 3D design and design features on your exhibition stand

Your design proposal is just an idea of what your stand could look like, you’re not bound to that. We have some customers that love their design proposal and want to move on to graphic design straight away. Other customers want to tweak a few things and add additional design features.

Your contractor will work with you to make your 3D design exactly what you want – make sure to include some of these design ideas to help you attract more visitors!

Graphic design

The graphic design step will always take the longest. You might choose to take care of this in-house (in which case you’ll need this guide to large format graphics) but in most cases, you’ll work with a graphic designer.

It’s important to remember that they will have designed hundreds of exhibition stands before. You might think that you know what you want, but your designer will know the best way to convey your brand message.

Give them high-quality imagery and a thorough design brief and sit back and relax. It can take weeks to get the graphic design right – make sure you’ve given yourself plenty of time.

Sign off

You’re done. Once you’re happy with the 3D design, the design features and the artwork you just need to sign it off. You’ve got nothing left to worry about in terms of your exhibition stand so you’re free to get on with the other planning stages.

And just like that, you’ve completed stage two of exhibition planning. Next week we will give you a bitesize guide to event preparation – this is where the planning process tends to get a bit messy so it’s a good idea to download your free exhibition planning tool now so that you can wrap your head around all of the steps.