Orbis UK

Since 1982, the organisation alongside its partners, has trained more than 325,000 doctors and nurses across countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Peru. This has resulted in over 23.3 million treatments and surgeries worldwide, transforming the lives of millions.

As part of their charitable giving campaign, Poole-based exhibition stand specialists Quadrant2Design, have donated five custom banners to the charity, to be used as promotional tools around the UK.

The portable, modular banners depict a series of hard hitting images, showing just some of the work that Orbis undertakes around the world. This includes their unique training facility, the Flying Eye Hospital, which features an operating theatre and lecture theatre on board a DC-10 Aircraft.

The Flying Eye Hospital is a one of a kind educational tool where volunteer ophthalmologists, nurses, and anaesthetists from the UK and around the world, share their skills with local eye care teams to enable them to reach more people with preventable blindness within their own communities.

You can discover more about Orbis at www.orbis.org.uk, follow the organisation on twitter via: @UKORBIS, and like the Orbis Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ORBISUK.

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Contact communications@orbis.org.uk with any Orbis queries.