Phil Mullins from Optinet recently visited the Quadrant2Design pre-build facility to see the fantastic Optinet exhibition stand ready for 100% Optical in the ExCel, London.

Established in 2016, Optinet is a young, next-gen “born in the cloud” business with skills in transforming complex, cutting-edge technology into business solutions that save their customers time, money and stress.

Phil introduced Optinet’s upcoming attendance at 100% Optical by telling us

“We’ve got the software side and the business support side – National Eyecare Group. Our aim is to support small independent Opticians, but part of that is being sustainable for the future, not just for the business but for the environment we’re working in.”

Seeing the Optinet exhibition stand “in the flesh” for the first time, Phil was impressed. He discussed his view of the stand, as well as the importance of having an attractive, eye-catching display

“Really pleased with it, it’s turned out better than we thought it was going to so really pleased and it should be ready for the show in two, three weeks time. It’s essential, I mean you’re going to have hundreds of other stands around, you have to have a stand that stands out as noticeable, easy to find for your current clients but also when people wander past they look at it and see something that attracts them onto the stand so we can have conversations with them.”

 100% Exhibition Stand Pre-Build Promise

Quadrant2Design always invite and encourage our customers to attend their stand pre-build. Many visitors will have already seen their stand design on a screen but there’s nothing that can quite match seeing it for real.

Seeing the stand in real life allows customers to test out any stand features and even bring along products and literature to test out any display showcases.

Quadrant2Design pre-build guarantee

Phil commented on the importance of attending the pre-build

“It’s very useful actually, we don’t always come down because we’ve used Quadrant for number of years but actually this is a brand new stand for us, brand new colouration, so it’s really nice to see it in style, because actually seeing the blue live is different to seeing on a screen, so it’s given us a real idea of what to do for the show, which is great.”

Quadrant2Design’s recent pre-build visits have included Harrier Trail RunningCheatwell Games and Modulus, as well as pre-build installation training for Strolll and ICRTouch.

For customers who are unable to attend, we supply pictures and videos of the stand during the pre-build, but strongly encourage customers to come along if they can!

Sustainable Exhibiting

The Quadrant2Design team recently visited Packaging Innovations & Empack 2024 in the Birmingham NEC. During our visit, we talked with a lot of our clients about the sustainability of our exhibition stand system and the benefits that it offers them in both sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Many of our customers agreed that Quadrant2Design’s durable and reusable exhibition stands offer real-world sustainability as well as an extremely cost-effective long-term exhibiting solution.


Phil echoed these sentiments during the Optinet’s 100% Optical pre-build, stating

“We’ve been using Quadrant now since 2012 and over that time we’ve not had to have a new stand every year because we’ve reused the graphics and just reconfigured the way it looks, so over that time we’ve probably had three incarnations but each time we can renew it for the next time and change it the way we want it, for the space we need for which shows we’re doing…

It helps the bank balance because it’s just so much cheaper than having a new stand and we’re now a carbon-neutral company and it reduces the amount of throw away and that’s what we’ve got to be going for, for the future. To stop throwing things away, keep reusing them, which is what we do with Quadrant.”

A big thank you to Phil for joining us in pre-build. We hope you had a fantastic show!

For more details on our pre-build guarantee, our sustainability, or to discuss your next exhibition project, contact our design team today on 01202 723 500 or email