Event Websites are a great digital marketing tool. They act as a virtual exhibition stand and compliment your in-person event!

It has been a year since we launched our Event Websites! This week, we hit a significant milestone at Quadrant2Design – Over 100 Event Websites developed!

What are Event Websites?

Event Websites are a fantastic online tool that help you get the most out of every event!

The site is dedicated entirely to your exhibition stand at a particular show, and doubles as a virtual exhibition stand. It includes your stand location, products, team, an enquiries page and a fantastic 3D render of your stand. Our in-house web developer works to your brand guidelines to create synergy between your live marketing campaign and digital event website.

We designed the event websites as part of an evolution to hybrid exhibiting, adding a digital presence to your exhibition campaign. The feedback has been brilliant from both our clients and their visitors.

Event Websites supercharge your return on investment as they transform your 3-day exhibition into a 10-week marketing campaign! Websites go live five weeks before your event and stay live for five weeks after.

How can my Event Website be used?

Clients use social media, email Footers, website banners and email marketing to point potential visitors to their Event Website. Introducing customers to the stand, branding, and products before event day maximises exposure and pre-emptively generates leads. The more people who know about an exhibition, the more who will come and visit!

The Event Website hosts an annotated floor plan, which guarantees visitors will be able to find you at the event. Guiding visitors to your stand is proven to make you a first priority destination at the show.

Your virtual exhibition

Event Websites are also a fantastic online tool to manage enquiries

  •   Pre-show: Pre-book meeting slots with visitors before the event to ensure the right people are available on the stand.
  •   During show: Utilise QR codes on your stand graphics or countertops to guide visitors to the enquiries page and extend your sales efforts beyond event day.
  •   Post-show: Follow up with client enquiries. Increase brand memorability as show visitors revisit stand photos and products!

Online presence is proving to be essential when exhibiting! Clients who cannot attend the event, but are still interested in your products can use the Event Website and 3D renders as a virtual exhibition stand.

Stay tuned – New features coming soon!

 Thanks to the ongoing success of our Event Websites, we are further developing this fantastic hybrid exhibiting tool.

Current modules are being made even more customisable to cater to any marketing requirements and we are adding exciting new features. 

Take a tour of our example Event Website here.

Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to enhancing your digital and in-person exhibition journey!

To learn more about how the Event Websites might benefit you, contact our design team today at 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free no-obligation design proposal!