ExCel London has just announced the arrival of a new show, London Lab Live!

Exhibition Stand Design and Build by Quadrant2Design for Haier

About London Lab Live

If you have enjoyed exhibiting at Lab Innovations or Forensics Europe Expo, add London Lab Live to your exhibiting calendar!

The show is designed for professionals in the laboratory sector. It is on track to become the UK’s most diverse, stimulating, and exciting event for the lab industry.

London Lab Live is taking place from the 14th until the 15th of May 2025 at ExCel, London. It is the sister event of Future Labs Live, which took place at the Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland this week, from the 26th until the 27th of June.

Both shows bring together start-ups, disruptors and innovators from pharma, academia, biotech, food & beverage, agriculture and more. Exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge technologies, equipment, and solutions shaping the future of labs.

Exhibition Stand Design and Build by Quadrant2Design for Scientific Laboratory Supplied

Exhibiting at a New Show

When a new show is first launched, attendance rates can be higher than usual because prospective guests are more excited. This can help businesses reach untapped markets and gain brand awareness.

Often, industry-leading brands exhibit at new shows to establish their presence early on. The sister show, Future Labs Live, had remarkable success with great businesses like Siemens and Biovia in attendance. Exhibiting alongside these brands associates your name with theirs which can help build trust and increase visibility.

A new show can also help you receive instant feedback from a new audience that has never seen your work. Feedback from a fresh audience can help gauge how well your products are received!

Exhibition Stand Design and Build by Quadrant2Design for CAS

Exhibition Stand Designs at London Lab Live

If you’re exhibiting at London Lab Live, you will need an impactful exhibition stand. Quadrant2Design specialise in creating visually stunning exhibition stands that are modular, reconfigurable, and reusable. This means you can reconfigure your stand for different stand spaces, add and remove features, and reuse it time and time again!

Our exhibition stands can also host many bespoke and custom features to captivate attention. Features like high-level branding ensure visibility, while backlit graphics make a display eye-catching. Large-format graphics effectively communicate marketing messages, logos, and images, making it immediately clear who you are and what you do.

To view more exhibition stands, take a look at our exhibition stand ideas page!

Exhibiting Abroad

If you are considering exhibiting in Switzerland and the UK, Quadrant2Design offers reliable exhibition solutions for shows all across Europe. Many companies use different contractors for their home and overseas shows, which can be complex and stressful, and makes it difficult to maintain a consistent image.

At Quadrant2Design, all our services are handled in-house, giving us full control over our processes and quality. Even in Europe, we never ship out your stand. Instead, our installers, experienced with European shows and regulations, drive the stands to ensure they arrive safely. They even arrive over a day early, ensuring a 24-hour buffer, to prevent any logistical errors from arising on event day.

Furthermore, with our Free-Hire Plan, graphic panels can be reused. This means that stands maintain consistent branding across shows, even if they look and feel new each time! Consistent branding looks professional, but it also allows businesses to be instantly recognisable to visitors, increasing brand memorability.

Your Exhibition

Are you interested in exhibiting? Get in touch with our Design Consultants at +44 (0)1202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free no-obligation design proposal!

The event is free to attend, and stand spaces are available to book now!