bank of England stand

Bank of England Choose Q2D for ‘New Fiver’ Launch

When the new £5 note was unveiled at Blenheim Palace on the 2nd of June, the eagerly anticipated design was showcased on a series of display stands designed and built by experienced exhibition stand designers, Quadrant2Design.

The new £5 note, featuring Winston Churchill, will go into circulation in September 2016. But the real talking point is the polymer composition of the banknote, chosen for its durability, environmental friendliness and counterfeit-resistance qualities. The prestigious event, held at Winston Churchill’s ancestral home, begins what will be a new era for UK banknotes and was the first opportunity to get a glimpse of the pioneering ‘plastic fiver’ up close and personal.

A month before the event, the Bank of England approached Poole-based exhibition display company Quadrant2Design, with a brief to create a series of modular exhibition stands befitting of this unique unveiling ceremony, whilst incorporating their own team’s stunning design concepts and striking graphics into the project.

Quadrant2Design exhibition stand premiering for new fiver

100 % Pre-Build Guarantee Seals the Deal

The inspiring, (and somewhat imposing), 3D stand design was completed in-house by Quadrant2Design’s team, while Graphic design was from the Bank’s experienced in-house design team.

Alongside the great design, the decisive factor that led the Bank of England to choose Quadrant2Design was the company’s ‘100% Pre-Build Guarantee’, which meant the Bank’s designers could visit Poole and see the complete stand pre-built before the ‘real’ installation at Blenheim Palace.

The experienced events company, using their exclusive ‘seamless-graphics’ Prestige Events System, also handled the printing, finishing and building of the stand.

Senior Project Manager, Wiebke Carvell, was assigned the challenge of coordinating the whole project from start to finish; a none-too-small task involving six on-site installers and a graphics and production team.

It’s fair to say that the upcoming unveiling of the innovative new polymer banknote has created something of a buzz throughout the UK and the entire Quadrant2Design team was more than a little excited to be involved in this ground-breaking event.

Quadrant2Design MD, Alan Jenkins says: “We were genuinely thrilled when the Bank of England approached us to discuss this project. It’s been an honour and a privilege to work alongside such a prestigious organisation as the Bank of England and their designers, and to lend our expertise to this landmark event.”