New exhibition stand videos


The decision is based on a number of reasons, the main one being that up until now, most of our video content has been directed towards telling clients what the Prestige Events System can do for them.

We’ve always struggled with showing clients exactly what Prestige can do. Fortunately, our newest member of the Marketing Team, David Jenkins, has a history of creating video content, which means we finally have the means to show.

This series of videos is based on a simple principle – ‘How-To’.

Each video will take a bite-sized look at the Prestige Events System and how each part of the system is built. They will range in length from as little as ten seconds for the easy stuff, to five minutes for the more complex bits.

Content includes how to:

Set up lockable storage
Build and dismantle frames
Attach and remove mag-bars
Attach and remove graphics
Construct showcases with shelves
And at least fifteen more videos
Each video will feature a member of the Quadrant2Design installation team, who will demonstrate the steps taken to build each part of a Prestige exhibition stand.

The hope is that these videos will alleviate the fears of those clients who feel that building their own exhibition stand is a step too far. Not only does it go to show that Prestige can be built by anyone, without specialist knowledge or tools, but it also goes to prove our claims that Prestige stands really are the easiest to build, especially in terms of the finished product.

The videos will also act as an easy access reminder for those clients that have already purchased their Prestige exhibition stand from us and want a refresher before they take the system to an exhibition.

Here’s hoping these new videos make exhibiting easier for you. If there is something you would like to see on our YouTube channel or website that isn’t already there make sure you contact us: 01202 723 500 or