Moving Forward with More Modular Features

Many modular suppliers will often tell you that they’re unable to fulfil custom components to their stands. If that was the requirement, you’re better off going down the fully custom route.

That’s what most contractors will tell you, but not us.

Our aim is to always find new innovations and new design features to enhance each and every one of our stands.

Of course, there are some things we cannot do. Two storey structures being an example and we wouldn’t waste your time claiming that we can.

However, what we can provide are curved structures, different textural effects, custom cut apertures and many more additional features to give your stand that custom feels without the big price tag.

Edge-lit Acrylic

Edge-lit acrylic is one of our new design features. It instantly adds variety to your stand design that will catch attention and draw visitors over. We have uploaded a video introducing the innovation.

It can be cut with any custom design, logo, and shape you want for your branding.

Each square section can be programmed individually to switch and gently fade between colours or remain one static colour to suit your stand and graphics.

There’s also the choice of mounting any products onto the edge-lit to create a unique and eye-catching display.

TV Walls and Large AV display

Let’s say you have a particularly large space booked for your show, so you’d like your stand to be built up of many sections, areas to sit down and chat, display for various divisions of your company, and interactive games perhaps?

Along with this, you wish to have some large screens that visitors simply can’t miss.

Our ‘Jumbo Highline’ TV stand can be suitable for up to 60” screens. However, if that’s not big enough here is what we can do.

Custom AV stands have been developed to enable TVs to be ‘tiled’ right up next to each other and create a ‘TV wall’.

The main body of this is set behind the graphic panels and hidden between Prestige frames, giving the screens a floating effect.

We are able to create TV walls of up to 16 screens when required, for those moments when you want to blow up your videos and project them to the world.

High-Shine Gloss Finish

High-shine gloss looks great there’s no doubt about it.

Having a slick glossy finish is certainly not new, however, it is uncommon so you will inevitably stand out.

It’s a fantastic option and can work wonders when it’s a look that suits your brand and the overall feel you want to create for your stand.

Just look for example at these stunning stands that have used high-shine gloss over their full stand or a particular section. We’re also able to offer a mix of gloss and matte to create a unique finish few would have.

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