Quadrant2Design just got back from the NEC Birmingham, where we assembled 18 stands in just two days. And, we didn’t stop there, over the actual duration of the shows, we built twenty! The NEC hosted a variety of food & drink shows and safety & security series of events on April 29th and 30th, and we had clients in each show. 

We’ve put together a sneak peek of the events with a showcase of our exhibition stands, and we’ll be sharing more insights on the individual events and exhibition stands soon.

Our exhibition stand

Of our twenty clients across the events, nineteen of them utilised our Free-Hire Plan! Our Free-Hire Plan allows clients to invest in graphic panels and loan the hardware from us for free.

In-house systems

At Quadrant2Design, we are able to supply and build multiple stands at once because of our fantastic in-house services! Every aspect of our service as an exhibition stand design and build contractor, is performed in-house at our Poole headquarters. Our in-house services range from the initial design proposal, to graphic design, printing, project management, pre-build, transport, installation, and dismantle. We never sub-contract any aspect, as it can lead to errors. Additionally, our processes mean that our experienced team can conduct thorough quality-checks through design, production, pre-build and installation.


Pre-build is one of our most significant quality-checks. We pre-build every stand in full before every exhibition. We invite all of our clients to visit their pre-build, to see their stand in person before their event. Over the last few months, 6 of our lovely clients from this collection of shows were able to visit us for their pre-build! 

Today in Pre-Build- Durable 

Today in Pre-Build – Fire Chief Global 


Importance of Pre-Build

   1. On the very rare occasion that issues arise, building the stand weeks or months in advance allows enough time for resolution.

   2. We don’t believe in arriving at the event; simply hoping for the best. You could end up with a disaster on the day and exhibition stand parts missing. 

   3. Pre-build allows clients to visit their stands ahead of the event, test features and products placement.

For more information on out pre-build systems, take a look at our Prank in Pre-Build, where Maggie Clemence puts our systems to the test! 


Sustainability is becoming more and more important to exhibitors and show organisers, and it’s very important to us in Quadrant2Design. All of our stands are reusable, so are inherently sustainable.  Because of this, we are always equipped with enough stand hardware and materials to supply and build at full capacity. Not to mention, our wonderful team of experienced installers are well-trained and prepared to handle every show! 


We were proud to see so many of our sustainable stands at the NEC, and hope to see even more next year! Quadrant2Design hold an extensive exhibition stand photo an video library if you are interested in viewing more of our stand designs! 

If you are interested in exhibiting, get in touch with Quadrant2Design at design@quadrant2design.com or call 01202 723 500 for a free, no-obligation exhibition stand design proposal.