Myth vs.Truth – 10 things you’ll want to know about Modular exhibition stands like the Prestige Exhibition Stands

MYTH: Modular stands look cheap.
TRUTH: Not all modular stands do. Even though Prestige is a modular system, it gets its professional look by using seamless-effect graphics attached to a robust but lightweight aluminium framework. When we say that Prestige will offer you a “custom look, modular benefits” design, we mean it. 


MYTH: Exhibition stands can’t be re-used.
TRUTH: This is mostly true for custom stands. However modular stands are not quite as limited. Prestige is built with re-configuration in mind, and your graphics and equipment can easily be adapted into entirely different stands for differently sized even spaces. For an example of this, click here.


MYTH: Modular stands all look the same.
TRUTH: Not so! The only things limiting your stand ideas should be space, money and imagination. For example, Quadrant2Design offers precise, striking images on its stands, like you’d see on custom builds, but on a modular foundation. Lower quality modular stands may look the same but, with Prestige in particular, there is always a way to turn any space into a spectacle. For our design library, click here.


MYTH: The good stands aren’t easy for the average Joe to install.
TRUTH: This is another issue with custom stands. They often require a specialist team, and plenty of time, to build. Prestige is both quick and easy to install, and requires no specialist tools or knowledge whatsoever. If you would prefer to save cost on installation we can give you free stand installation training at our premises when you collect your stand. To see a video of just 1 person setting up an Exhibition Stand, click here.


MYTH: I’ve bought a cheap popup stand before, and it broke fairly soon after buying. How do I know yours will be any different?
TRUTH: Prestige is a high-quality solution and built to last. In the unlikely event that it should fail, we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on all our stands, giving you better value for money. If you’d like to see some proof, read reviews from some of our previous clients by clicking here.


MYTH: I’ve booked a small Shell Scheme space – does that mean I can’t use your System?
TRUTH: Prestige is ideal for both Shell Scheme Booths and Space Only sites. It has been developed over the years to include some design features that you won’t be able to find on any other modular systems – including integrated showcases, mounted plasma televisions, and high level branding. You can look professional and prepared regardless of how small your stand is, and integrating these showcases saves you more floor space in your stand.

For more information on how to make the most of your Shell Scheme Booth, click here.


MYTH: I don’t have enough money to afford a fancy stand. Am I just going to have to print off some pictures of my logo instead?
TRUTH: Not every company can afford huge custom build stands, and modular systems provide the middle-ground between grand designs and none at all. Quadrant2Design aims to make your stand as affordable as possible, offering “free hire” and “self-build” to clients who have different needs.


MYTH: You’re underestimating how little money I have! What can I do?
TRUTH: If your budget is significantly limited, Quadrant2Design has a popup system called Kea, which acts like a “mini-prestige”. You will still be able to add graphics, and project a professional image, but it is more aimed toward first-time exhibitors and those who do not have much money to spend. More information can be found here.


MYTH: My exhibition stand won’t be ready on time.
TRUTH: This may be the case with other companies, but Quadrant2Design has never missed a deadline in its 14 years of business. All Prestige stands are ‘pre-built’ on-site in advance of any exhibition. This means that the stand is not only ready, but changes can be made if there are any last-minute creases to be ironed out.


MYTH: Exhibition stands are only temporary, so modular ones won’t look as good .
TRUTH: The cheaper the system you build from, the worse the stand will look. Prestige is competitively priced and its reputation as the best modular system must be upheld, so you can guarantee quality that matches your fee. They’re not temporary either, and can be used again and again. As long as you look after your graphics and kit, there’s no reason why your stand cannot be a permanent investment that can be used over and over again.


If you’ve got any more questions you’d like to ask about our Prestige Exhibition Stand System, please call 01202 650333 or email