At Quadrant2Design, we believe that modular exhibition stands are the best exhibiting solution. However, prospective clients sometimes have concerns regarding the stands because of famous misconceptions. We aim to provide insights into modular exhibition stands and shed light on the benefits of a modular system.

What are Modular Exhibition Stands?

Modular exhibition stands challenge traditional one-use custom stands. They are flexible and versatile; made of many separate components and features that lock together, allowing for unlimited design options. Our modular stands are bespoke, reusable and reconfigurable. They are the perfect choice for any company looking for a sustainable, eye-catching display!


Myth 1 – If I have a modular stand, it will look the same at every show

A common misconception regarding modular exhibition stands is that the stand will look the same for every show. Often this belief stems from the fact that modular stands are reusable. Usually, with reusable stands, you design and use one set of graphic panels for as long as they are current with branding. 

Though modular stands can look the same for each event, they don’t have to! At Quadrant2Design, exhibition stands can look vastly different for each show by changing/ renewing graphic panels, adding features, reconfiguring or completely redesigning.

Additionally, our custom photo floors and countertops (our only one-use features), are a great way to switch up your stand appearance! 

Not to mention, by maintaining some of the same panels, you become more recognisable to clients and boost brand memorability!

Myth 2 – Modular stands are restrictive

Another misconception is that all modular stands look the same and are restrictive in design.  

Though modular stands begin with an initial system, they are highly customisable, offering a plethora of features and design choices. These include a 100% bespoke graphic look, backlit graphics, rotating headers, edge-lit acrylic, and cut-out features. No two of our stands look the same!

Quadrant2Design design and build vibrant stand for Actiph Water at IFE 2024

Quadrant2Design has a vast collection of exhibition stand renders that showcase the limitless design possibilities of our stands.

Exhibition Stand Photo and Render Library 

Myth 3 – Modular exhibition stands are more expensive than custom exhibition stands

Often people believe that modular stands are more expensive than custom stands, but it’s not actually true.

The cost of both types of stand can vary, and while a custom stand could cost around £15,000 – £50,000 for every show, modular stands typically only require a significant investment for the first exhibition. After that, the costs decrease since the stand can be reused.

At Quadrant2Design, we offer two exhibiting options; a Free-Hire Plan and a Purchase to Self-Build.

Purchase to self-build involves just one payment for the stand hardware and graphics, with build training in our showroom and video training guides at no additional cost.

Alternatively, with our popular Free-Hire plan, clients invest in graphic panels and loan the stand structure from us free of charge. Once clients have this initial set of panels, they can expect to see up to 60% savings on future exhibitions. We store the stand for free so long as clients exhibit up to once a year. The only future costs are for stand transportation, project management, installation and dismantling and additional graphic panels as they are needed! We also offer a promise of Lifetime Free Design, which allows clients to reconfigure their stand for free. This service extends to purchase clients as well!

Quadrant2Design also considers efficient reconfiguration as a key factor in the design process for cost-effective exhibiting. If you plan to exhibit at multiple shows, with varying stand configurations, Design Consultants always plan your largest exhibition first. Larger configurations require more graphic panels, so designing them first usually means that you have all of the necessary parts for smaller configurations.

Our Price Guide

Quadrant2Design create futuristic Stand for Elon Musk's Starlink (engineered by Space X) for Everything Electric London 2024.

Myth 4 – Modular exhibition stands are the same as pop-up stands

Some people believe that pop-up stands and modular exhibition stands are interchangeable or much of the same. 

In reality, while both utilise a collapsible system, modular exhibition stands are much more advanced than pop-ups. Modular exhibition stands are designed to be flexible, allowing for configurations to suit any event or exhibition space and offer a range of components and features. This flexibility makes them an ideal choice for companies looking to create a unique display that stands out from the crowd.

In contrast, pop-up stands typically come in a limited number of designs and sizes. While they are a great option for conferences and smaller events, they are more restrictive in design and function than a full modular exhibition stand.

Myth 5 – Modular exhibition stands are flimsy

It’s common for people to have concerns about the durability of modular stands. However, at Quadrant2Design, we use our Swiss-designed Prestige Events System to build every one of our stands, making them incredibly sturdy and reliable.

We only use top-quality materials and crafting methods to ensure a flawless and robust finished product.

Stand systems are crafted from high-quality aluminium, which is both lightweight and robust. To reinforce and lock the system securely in place, we use durable magnetic bars, which premium-quality graphics are attached to. 

Myth 6 – Modular stands are just a wall of graphics

While it is true that modular stands are known for their stunning graphics, it’s important to note that they can do so much more. Unlike other modular stands, our Prestige Events System allows our stands to host a variety of custom built-in features such as showcases, integrated product displays, monitors, and more. This is why we refer to our stands as Custom-Modular!

For Example for La Lorraine Bakery, we integrated custom donut holders. 

Bespoke exhibition stand by Quadrant2Design

Another great example is the Harrier Running stand! We integrated custom walking pole holders and clothing racks to display new products.

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We hope we have been able to clear up some of the myths surrounding modular stands!

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