Earlier this month Ian London from Modulus joined Quadrant2Design Project Manager Shivam Glaidu in our pre-build facility and had an opportunity to check out the spectacular Modulus exhibition stand ready for ICE 2024.

Who are Modulus? Well, in the words of Modulus’ own Ian London

“Modulus is in the gambling industry. Casinos is the easiest way to describe it, they provide technology to those casinos. Their main focus is Casino Management Systems, so it’s all the technological applications that casinos use to manage their cash desk environment, their machine accounting, their table accounting, the technology that drives all the player bonuses. So players interact with the system and the machines to get bonuses. It’s all about creating experience – a better experience, an enjoyable experience for clients when they’re in a casino but, at the same time, giving the casino the tools to easily do that.”

Seeing the stand in real life for the first time, Ian had this to say about the aesthetics of the Modulus stand

“I like it. We’re a small company but when you go there you try and get the biggest bang you can and visually I think you’ve done a fantastic job! It stands out, the colours have been used really well, they’re striking, the layout is really good. I’m looking forward to it.

For a small company it’s going to make a big statement, which is what you want.”

100% Exhibition Stand Pre-Build Guarantee

Quadrant2Design 100% pre-build guarantee

Quadrant2Design pre-builds every single stand we create, right down to the very last detail. We do this for many reasons

  • A full pre-build allows for proper quality assurance of your stand
  • It allows us to check that every element of the stand functions properly before the ‘real’ installation
  • It also provides an opportunity for customers to see their stand before their event and get a feel for its look and functionality

Quadrant2Design’s customers are always invited to come along to their pre-build, as it offers a great opportunity to get to grips with the stand before the actual event. It allows customers to test out their product displays, see how the features of the stand function and become accustomed to the stand before it ultimately arrives at their event.

Our recent pre-build visits have included Harrier Trail Running and Cheatwell Games, as well as a combination of pre-build and exhibition stand installation training for Strolll.

When asked about attending the Modulus stand pre-build Ian told us

“The experience was fantastic. It’s nice to be able to come in and see and touch the product before you actually walk onto the stand for real. You get an idea of the visualisation.

Until now everything has just been drawings, to be able to see this laid out, we get the idea, we know what we’re getting, we know what to expect and it’s comforting to know you’ve got the right people to go to London and, when you arrive there, it’s all ready, it’s all in place.”

A massive thank you to Ian for joining us for the Modulus pre-build. We are so glad you enjoyed your visits and we hope you had a fantastic time at ICE 2024!

For more details on our pre-build guarantee, or to discuss your next exhibition project, contact our design team today on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com.