Quadrant2Designs unique modular system, The Prestige Events System has a range of functional and eye-catching design features that can be integrated into the modular framework, which helps you exhibit more effectively and engagingly, combining modularity with a custom-designed feel.

The modular framework has endless abilities to resize, reshape and reuse over many years. However, a significant advantage is the versatility of unique features which can be applied to produce more than just a structure. Here are the top features to add to a modular exhibition stand:

Bespoke modular display for JD Cooling.


It is no secret that floor space at an exhibition costs good money. Generic carpet from the hall is often limited by colour, and may not complement the stand design.

Utilising the entire floor space presents the chance to create a unique experience for visitors. Extending your branding and graphics from walls onto the floor transforms the entire floor space.

With a photo floor, any content can be printed onto the non-slip vinyl, allowing full freedom of creativity. Imaginative exhibition design ideas are maps or trails, guiding visitors around the stand, we have even printed a fish pond!

Product display showcase

Integrated showcases are vital for any exhibition stand, perfect for product and literature display. Showcases position your product in a fully branded environment of graphic design, perfect for drawing visitors in.

Showcases are tailored to suit your product and the best way to display them, whether this is flat or sloped shelves, slat walls, or a mounting board.

Like the rest of the modular stand solution, every surface is printed, with showcases also offering a range of lighting options to show off your product at its absolute best, with coloured lighting, down lighting, up-lighting and backlighting all available.

Edge-lit acrylic

One of our most popular features included within the custom stand designs is edge-lit acrylics. They are masters in creating interest and attention in any busy hall.

The methodology behind producing this eye-catching element is to engrave a sheet of clear acrylic, with either a logo or icon, adding coloured LEDs fitted around the permitter.

Once illuminated, the engravings catch the light perfectly to create a colour-changing illuminated branding feature that appears to be floating.

Printed counter top

Positioned at the front of the floor space, a counter can act as a visitor’s first point of engagement. Whether this is a verbal interaction or digital interaction via a mounted tablet, the counter can play the role of an approach point.

Custom counters feature a full graphic wrap around the main body and a printed countertop.

To increase the presence of the counter, colour-changing down lighting can be added to accentuate its position, or simply continue the lighting theme from the main reusable stand structure.

Integrated audio visual

AV integration is always a great complementary feature to any stand design. The range of screens available is certainly large, scaling from a 24” TV to a 3m x 2m screen wall, all perfectly integrated into the modular stand structure.

Digital presentations, demos, interactive games, as well as digital presentations are all great uses of audio-visual elements on exhibition stands.

Similarly to a rotating header, the inclusion of movement to the stand is a perfect attention grabber for a by-passer.

Rotating branding feature

Movement of any sort is a vital player in attracting attention, applying this method to exhibiting led to the creation of the rotating header. The header will usually consist of a logo or icon, sitting at an effective, eye-catching height.

The branded graphic can also be a back-lighting option, once again increasing the success of drawing attention to the modular stand.

Rotating headers have been a firm favourite of our customers for years, a testament to their effectiveness.

Backlit graphics

It’s no secret, Illuminated graphics are an eye-catcher.

Unlike fabric displays with lightboxes,  which illuminate the whole graphic, our back-lit graphics can be used to illuminate, specific areas, such as branding elements or imagery, to draw attention to your most important areas.

The light-up features will add volume and texture to the full design, uplifting the most visual elements of the graphic display. Our gallery has plenty of integrated back-lit examples to view!

Tablet holders

Tablet holders are another effective way to encourage visitors to interact with your stand. Visitors can use these to explore your website, or you may introduce a virtual reality presentation.

Tablets are also great for gathering potential client information, and leads and displaying visual demos. As the tablet can store all exhibition data, the process of post-show marketing and lead gathering becomes simple and straightforward.

Tablet holders are compatible was the majority of tablets from the major manufacturers offering charging capability and anti-theft security, you don’t need to worry about them running out of battery or being taken from your stand space.

Endcap showcase

Similar to the integrated showcases, endcaps are located at the stand’s end, typically closer to the walkways.

By sitting in a prime location of the floor plan and stand structure, they do a fantastic job of alluring visitors in to view the displayed item.

End cap showcases make for extra product and literature displays, whilst making the absolute most of the entire modular hire structure.

LED Video Wall

Our LED Video Wall seamlessly combines high-definition LED technology with our Prestige Events System to create a spectacular attention-grabbing display.

The LED Video Wall can be used as a standalone feature, or add to the overall visual appeal of your stand. The superb moving imagery will attract the attention of passers-by, making them keen to find out more about your brand.