What is a modular exhibition stand?

Modular exhibition stands or displays, are designed in flexible segments, that lock together to build an exhibition structure. This structure can then be broken-down and reconfigured to form a differently shaped or sized stand.

Benefits of flexible exhibiting

With modular, exhibitors can have larger or smaller exhibition stands, in different shapes or layouts, from just one investment.

This allows exhibitors to take-part in more exhibitions, in different exhibition space, at different venues or countries, at minimal extra cost or fuss.

Modular solutions are extremely versatile and can be repurposed for: conference sets, roadshows, award ceremonies, pop displays and corporate events.

See video: How Does Modular Work? for more detail.

Blue and white exhibition stand for JD Cooling. White and orange exhibition stand. Blue and green exhibition stand with white floor. White modular stand construction with printed floor.
Series of large banners linked together with branding. exhibition stand with large graphics of beautiful models Outdoor fabric display with images of dark haired model. Linked banner displays with large graphic of woman. White exhibition stand with jewellery in showcases. exhibition stand with white background and branding on tower. Graphic fabric display with showcase about 3m wide.

A case study in flexibility

Rebecca wanted a custom exhibition stand that allowed them to exhibit within shell-scheme, or larger ‘space-only’ sites, reconstructing their existing stand and graphics, to fit the different floor-space they encountered, while providing maximum engagement with show visitors.

They wanted to self-build, so ease of assembly was important, as was a portable and lightweight solution that met their sustainability concerns.

We designed Rebecca a series of reconfigurable exhibits, all built from one set of modular linked components and interchangeable graphics.

This allows them to adapt and rearrange their display, to suit any trade-show, event or conference space.

More can be found in our article: modular buying guide.

Modular design options:

We offer a wide range of new design options that can enhance your brand presence, create visual impact, and add functionality to your modular exhibition stand.

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Product display showcase

Edge-lit acrylic

Printed counter top

Integrated audio visual

Rotating branding feature

Backlit graphics

Tablet holders

Endcap showcase

Prestige events system

Exclusive to Quadrant2Design, the Prestige Events System offers enormous benefits to exhibitors:

• Incredible flexibility with its creative modules.
• Reusable event stands that adapt to fit any floor space.
• Lightweight, portable and sustainable.
• Safe and easy to assemble without tools.
• Custom design stands, yet modular and reusable.

Prestige is adaptable, as conference sets, retail display, corporate events, tv backdrops, or mobile displays.

To learn more see our video Reusable Exhibits

Case Studies

Quadrant2Design are the UK’s leader in the design and manufacture of modular exhibition stands. We work with all sizes and types of organisations; start-ups, SME's, Corporates and Charities.

David and Shona looking at hire modular exhibition stands design

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