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We design and build modular exhibition stands in the worlds most flexible system, the Prestige Events System.

Prestige is the only system that creates custom-designed stands, that can be re-modelled into different stand space, at different shows.

So while your stand will be designed to your exact needs, you’ll still benefit from the flexibility and cost-savings inherent in modular type construction.


Reconfigure and Reuse

Flexibility and reusability is at the heart of our service.

So we make it simple to reconfigure your modular exhibition stands, to fit the differently sized floor-space you will encounter at future tradeshows and events.

For example; we design your first stand, to fit within the stated floorspace.

We then archive your CAD and graphic designs, and store your materials (free of charge) at our factory.

On your 2nd and subsequent projects, we look up your existing designs and materials, and reconfigure your stand to fit within your new exhibiting space.

This service is free of charge, and ensure you gain maximum value, from your initial investment in our modular stand system.

Bespoke modular display for JD Cooling. Big ocean graphic on modular design for Helm. Custom modular exhibition stands for Savvis.

Modular Exhibition Stands FAQ's

Can I Save Money?

Once you’ve gone past your initial investment, in the Prestige Events System, your costs should start to fall.

Quadrant2Design do not charge for the design reconfigurations, that allow you to reuse your modular stand in different space.

Sometimes additional graphics or hardware may be needed, particularly if your new stand space is larger than before.

But because you are always reusing your original graphics and modular components, your costs will be reduced.

I Need Consistent Branding ?

Exhibition stands, designed and built in our Prestige Events System, will ensure you convey a consistent brand identity across all your tradeshows.

And when you’re ready for a re-brand or refresh, we can create newly designed graphics that will quickly transform the look of your display.

Is Modular Sustainable?

Old-fashioned ‘one-off’ exhibition stands represent a shocking waste of resources, generally once and then trashed.

In contrast, exhibition stands designed within our modular system, are flexible and reusable in different tradeshow space, at different events, over an entire exhibiting calendar.

So your stand materials and graphic panels, are used again and again, making your exhibiting genuinely sustainable in nature.

Hire or Buy?

We supply most of our modular exhibition stands within our unique Free-Hire Plan. This provides the exhibitor with the stand structure on a free-loan basis, only paying for the graphic panels and professional installation. This plan reduces cost, while guaranteeing professional management and installation.

Some exhibitors prefer to purchase their exhibition stand and self-build. This gives them the freedom and versatility to exhibit, without the involvement of an exhibition contractor. Our exhibits, created in the Prestige Events System, are easy to self build, and come with free training, and our on-going support.

Professional Build or Self-Build?

Most of our clients choose the winning combination of our Free-Hire Plan coupled with professional management and installation. This option includes the services of an experienced project manager, who handles all the event administration, and organises design and stand production, and all installation and logistical issues. Your stand will be professionally installed and dismantled by our skilled fitting team.

Stands designed and built in our versatile system are easy to self build, and for some exhibitors this is the perfect option. We support you with free training at our premises, on-line animated tutorials and telephone/email support.

Our Credentials

We’re Quadrant2Design. We are 22-years old, and very popular with exhibitors, designing and building around 600 bespoke modular exhibition stands every year.

We work with the worlds best modular solution, our very own, Swiss-designed, Prestige Event System.

Our stands are visually very strong, benefitting from seamless panoramic graphics, beautiful product showcasing, and interactive digital presentations.

We work at all UK and European shows and events, and we also ship our exhibition stands all over the world.

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