Modular Exhibition Stands

Affordable | Reusable | Sustainable

We work exclusively with the worlds premier reusable stand building system, The Prestige Events System.

Why choose a modular solution?

Many exhibitors favour a modular exhibition stand because of the cost savings over the medium to longer term.

Stands can be reconfigured for future stand space, meaning that you can reuse your stand and graphics any number of times.

Ideally a modular stand should also be quicker and easier to build, and lightweight and compact for transport and storage.

Some modular solutions are heavy and structural, generally requiring the exhibitor to work with an exhibition contractor.

Other systems, while being easier to self-build, are too lightweight to qualify as a seriously creative and functional stand building solution.

The Prestige Events System bridges the gap, combining easy, self-build characteristics while being structurally strong and creative.

These modular and reusable characteristics, combined with easy transport and installation, offer a genuinely sustainable alternative to standard exhibition solutions.

For a more general discussion on different types of exhibition stands, see our post exhibition stand options.


The Prestige Events System

Conceived by Swiss inventor Peter Petersen in the 1970’s, Prestige has a design heritage going back over 40-years.

At Quadrant2Design we have further developed the system into what is now the worlds premier modular exhibition stand solution.

The Prestige Events System is exclusive to Quadrant2Design.

Benefits of Prestige modular stands:

  • Capable of creative, larger and more complex exhibition stand structures than other modular systems.
  • Extremely lightweight and compact compared to other systems.
  • The quickest to build, saving time, money and labour.
  • Extremely safe and reliable to build.
  • Easy to reuse in different stand space, at future shows, providing cost savings and a much more responsible and sustainable approach to exhibiting
  • Looks beautiful and distinctive, with flowing panoramic graphics, integrated digital presentations and creative product showcasing.

Benefits of partnering with us

Our entire business-model is focussed on leveraging the advantages of modular and reusable exhibiting for our clients benefit.

Partnering with us, focussed modular benefits:

  • Free storage of your stand and graphics between shows.
  • Free reconfigurations (free re-design) of your stand and graphics, to fit different exhibition stand space, at all your future shows.
  • Experienced Project Managers who assist with the process of reusing your exhibition stand at different, future shows and events.
  • All services in-house: CAD design, graphic design, graphics manufacture, stand manufacture, project management and worldwide installations
  • Ongoing support and advice from our experienced team.

Going Modular with your Exhibiting? | 5 Tough Questions for your Exhibition Contractor

As with any purchase of a complex product and service there are pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when investing in a modular display solution. Without knowing what the ‘tough’ questions are, how can you navigate this minefield?

Alan Jenkins, founder of Quadrant2Design, has drawn on his 40-years experience to arm with you with five of the toughest questions you can ask any modular exhibition contractor.

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