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Flexible Exhibition Stands

We provide modular exhibition stands that can be adapted and reconfigured, to create different shapes and forms, to fit all your future exhibiting space.

Your custom-modular exhibition stands, will not only look fantastic, but they will also save you money and time over your trade-show calendar.

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Vape Club exhibition stand with wood-effect graphics
White modular exhibition stand with Hannah posing.
Modular exhibition stand in white

Hire or Buy your Flexible Stand?

You can hire or purchase your modular exhibit using one of our investment plans, all of which are geared to helping you make full use of the reconfigurable and reusable characteristics of your display.

Use our Contact Form or call 0800 019 21 41 and chat with one of our friendly designers, who will guide you through the different paths.



Ownership | Self-Build | Training


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Custom-designed Flexible and Reusable Displays

Quadrant2Design are global leaders in the design and creation of custom-designed modular exhibits for high-quality exhibitors.


  • Modular exhibition stands design
  • Graphic design and production
  • Stand manufacture
  • Project management, start to finish
  • Hire, Self-Build or Expert Build
  • Modular stands into Shell-Scheme booths
  • Modular stands on Space-Only sites
  • Free storage, and logistics
  • Our renowned free-to-hire plan
  • Worldwide installations

Any Size, Shape or Design…

Quadrant2Design are the leading proponents of the custom-modular approach to exhibiting. We design and manufacture in our exclusive Prestige Events System.


  • Reusable – interchangeable display modules that are scalable and reconfigurable in almost any stand space
  • Free storage – of stand and graphics between shows
  • Portable – lower transport costs to and from shows
  • Lighter materials – easier move and work with
  • Self-build – quick, easy and safe to self assemble
  • Flexible options – custom-design or fixed price exhibiting kits
  • Lower cost – 70% reduced cost for repeat stands
  • Quality – designed and created in the worlds premier modular exhibition system

What are the Benefits?


In the earlier days of exhibiting, most exhibition stands were built using traditional materials and carpentry.

These constructions were expensive to store between shows, and almost impossible to reuse in different stand space. Because of this, they were often thrown away after one-use. An appalling waste of resources.


Nowadays, most exhibitors are looking for a sustainable and reusable method of show-marketing. They want longer-term value, brand consistency, and an improved return on investment.

In fact, old fashioned ‘build ‘n’ burn exhibition stands, that are used once and discarded, are completely contradictory to most modern companies environmental and sustainability statements.


Modular design and construction meet these concerns.

Exhibits are flexible and reusable, allowing the exhibitor to reconfigure their stand to fit different (future) exhibition space. This saves money and stretches budgets.

Importantly, brand consistency is improved without sacrificing creative design and functionality.

Since the stand materials and graphics are reused many times over, the carbon-footprint involved is also much reduced on each project.

Modular exhibits are:

  • Reusable and interchangeable in future stand space
  • Offer brand consistency over an exhibitors programme
  • Save money over the longer term
  • Enhance the exhibitors’ environmental reputation
  • Use fewer resources, in terms of time and labour
  • Modules are easier and less expensive to store
  • Lightweight – transport costs are much reduced
  • Capable of being self-installed by the exhibitor

What are flexible stand systems?

Modular exhibition stands are essentially ‘building systems’. Think of a Lego or Meccano type system that’s capable of creating different arrangements.

And like Lego and Meccano, elements are interchangeable and transposable to create different forms and shapes.

Some modular exhibition systems have been around for a long time, such as the Prestige Events System or Octanorm. Others have been developed more recently like Tecna or FlexiStand.

All seek to best-solve the various issues already identified: reusability, value, return-on-investment, brand consistency and sustainability.

The majority of these modular exhibition stands are generic in nature; they are marketed to exhibitors through third-party resellers.

The one exception is the Prestige Events System that’s exclusive to Quadrant2Design.

Flexible exhibiting: what to look for, and what’s important?

The term ‘modular’ can mean different things to different people.

Some ‘modular’ solutions are little more than display or popup banner systems. They are lightweight, not structural and not capable of forming what most people would call an ‘exhibition stand’. On the plus side, they are cheap and quick to assemble.

At the other end of the scale are large, structural, modular building systems, capable of building colossal exhibition stands. They require the services of an exhibition contractor, and they are labour and resource-intensive.

Somewhere in the middle are the custom-modular systems.

These are middle-weight solutions that combine the ability to create complex exhibits while optimising for ease of use, resource-efficiency and return-on-investment.

Quadrant2Design is the Worlds leading proponent of the custom-modular approach, with some worthy competitors being Skyline Whitespace and Nimlok.

We believe that for professional exhibitors who have stand space of 9sq.metres up to 100sq.metres, custom modular is the most credible choice.

To examine other benefits, please visit our page: exhibition stands


Chloe Anderton discusses Custom-Modular exhibition stands

Free Design Visuals + FREE Photo-Floor™

Fresh, new, alternative design ideas for your next modular exhibition stand, with your branding, images and colours. Free of charge and without obligation.

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