Your guide to modular Exhibition Systems

There are numbers of compelling factors that are leading more and more exhibitors towards the use of modular exhibition stands

These exhibitors are often seeking a more sustainable way of exhibiting, or they are simply repelled by the shocking waste of resources involved in old-fashioned ‘build ‘n’ burn’ stands.

The trouble is unless you’re a seasoned exhibiting veteran, it’s easy to get the wool pulled over your eyes by unscrupulous traders.

Many of these traders are passing-off cheap, inadequate ‘display systems’ masquerading as serious modular exhibition stand solutions.

So perhaps first I should define what I mean, by the term ‘serious modular exhibition stands?

What defines a modular exhibition stand system?

Custom-build stands are manufactured by traditional joinery methods using timber-based materials.

They are generally considered ‘one-off’ creations which cannot be reconfigured for different stand space or repurposed in any way.

Most custom-built stands are trashed after the show and never used again.

Modular exhibition systems are as the name implies, a ‘building system’ made up of modular elements that come together in various configurations to form a much larger exhibition stand structure. A good analogy would be Lego or Meccano.

To qualify as an ‘exhibition stand system’ it should be able to form medium to large complex structures that appeal to the serious corporate exhibitor.

Benefits of modular exhibiting systems

  • Capable of building complex – 3-dimensional – exhibition structures that serious exhibitors want to use.
  • Are scalable, in that you can build larger or smaller exhibition stands to suit differing space at different events.
  • Are reconfigurable systems, in that you can ‘re-arrange’ the stand hardware and graphics to fit different stand space.
  • Enable serious exhibitors to achieve a consistent look and branding across all of their exhibitions and events.
  • Allow for more sustainable exhibiting, in that they use fewer resources to manufacture, transport and build – and that they are genuinely reusable solutions.
  • Often easy to self-build which is ideal for some exhibitors.
  • Can be used in shell-scheme or space-only exhibition sites.
  • Are versatile, in that they can be repurposed for conferences, mobile marketing or conference sets.

Don’t get misled buying a Modular display System

Display Systems are not the same as Exhibition Systems.

Display systems, such as cheap banners, popup stands and simple wall-panel systems are not capable of forming the more complex and structural creations that are ‘exhibition stands.

These display systems can’t build stands with multiple heights, tall branding features, product showcasing, digital presentations and seamless graphics.

These display systems are mass-produced in the Far East as cheaply as possible and then sold through various resellers and distributors in Europe and the UK.

The sellers of these display systems typically adopt a ‘pile it high and sell it cheap’ business method.

These are not specialist modular exhibition stand contractors and you will usually find on their website all kind of miscellaneous items like pavement signs, flags and literature stands.

Benefits of a ‘real’ modular stand system

Unlike the display stands, a genuine modular stand building system provides enormous benefits.

Sustainability: If a solution is genuinely Modular and Scalable, you will be able to re-use it again and again, re-configuring for the different stand space you encounter at different events. And if your exhibition stand is built in the Prestige Events System, it will use far fewer resources to manufacture, print, transport and build, then other types of stand.

Cost-savings: Of course it follows that if you’re re-using your stand, again and again, re-configuring for different stand space, you’re going to save money.

Appearance: Fake modular stands will always look what they are – cheap displays. At Quadrant2Design we take great pride in the fact that our stands look very much like more expensive custom-built exhibition stands.

Consistent look and branding: The holy grail for branding guru’s – a consistent corporate identity across all your face-to-face, live marketing events. Not possible if you’re using different exhibition stand solutions for different events.