Modular stands are extremely versatile because they can be rearranged for different spaces and shapes over many shows and events. At Quadrant2Design, we are fully aware of the endless benefits of modular exhibiting, which is why it remains the fundamental component of our business model. The Prestige Events System is by far, the most flexible modular solution on the market.

Prestige can easily form small or large structures, alongside the best range of modular stand features to create an experience like no other for visitors at a trade show.

Our Modular Design Process in 4 Steps

 1. When a company initially approaches us, we ensure that our proposed design reconfigures across all known future stand spaces, guaranteeing the most efficient and effective modular reconfigurations across your shows, with no nasty surprises or extra costs.

The proposal consists of a 3D-rendered animation of the stand with graphics and a technical CAD drawing of possible reconfigurations for future planned events. Our team of CAD technicians use programmes such as Auto CAD and 3DS Max to create virtual frameworks, as KeyShot finishes the process to create the graphics in preparation for ultimate rendering.

The free proposal is in place for potential customers to experience the quality and visions we can create. After the proposal, the client is in complete control of the outcomes of the stand design before the event.

Mainly white custom exhibition stand for Astley Clarke.

2. When the project has been confirmed, our graphic designers will ensure the graphic content is coherent across all configurations designed in step one. Our art workers are experts in futureproofing the design, consistently finding the perfect balance between flexible designs, without compromising the visual impact of the stand.

The processes involved in reconfiguring each stand are comparable to the procedure of reverse engineering. Art workers have to take a concept idea and break it down into each panel to understand and learn their abilities to form a new modular structure. This guarantees no panel will be wasted if the stand size were to change.

Case Study: Shortcuts Software

Shortcuts Software is an easy-to-use software system that allows salons, spas and barber shops to easily organise shift timings, booking, and payments on a single app.

Over the past couple of exhibitions, Shortcuts have had to reconfigure its modular stand on each occasion. Below, you can find the process of reconfigurations from a 4m x 3m stand size to a 5m x 4m.

With the larger reconfiguration, Shortcuts Software was able to retain the main tall standing graphic, whilst altering the second wall graphics to complete the corner stand. The added panel of the newly designed wall allows the stand to open up, fitting the larger floor space seamlessly.

Originally, Shortcuts Software received renders from our art workers, with the use of their previous branding. However, after the exhibition hiatus due to COVID-19, Shortcuts rebranded, thus needing a refresh of graphics on their modular framework.

3. We offer a lifetime free design service, whether you own, self-build, or hire with our fully managed service, you can come back to us anytime to get your stand reconfigured into new floor space.

Of course, if the new space falls on larger dimensions, new panels and modular frameworks may be required. Nonetheless, our designers will maximise the use of your existing assets, reducing exhibiting costs significantly.

4. We keep a full history of every stand from graphics to the framework. With the retained knowledge, graphic panels can be confidently and quickly reconfigured, long before your up-and-coming show.

If you want a fresh look, you can change or add graphic panels whenever you want. It is key to remember, you are always in control of the outcome.

White and pink exhibition stand design 3m x 3m. 2 Open sides corner stand with lighting, photo-floor, tv, showcases display, counter etc

Graphic Design Flexibility

Our modular systems versatility has been a catalyst for developing graphic designs that not only look stunning but, also allow for a high degree of reconfigurability, with panels and sections that can be re-arranged to suit different stand spaces.

Not only do we want your modular stand structures to be sustainable and reusable, but also the graphics, significantly pulling exhibiting costs down.

Whether you want to upsize or downsize in floor space, or simply cannot purchase the same floor dimensions as the last exhibition, the graphics won’t be jeopardised. Our graphic designers are experts in considering the future use of the stand and can talk you through design options that provide maximum flexibility.

White and dark blue exhibition stand design, with photo-floor 10,5m x 5m size. Colourful stand high-level branding, with counter, furniture, and screen.

Our Solution to Sustainable Graphics

The flexibility is all made possible due to our panel set-up. Due to the panels ranging from 190mm to 850mm wide, with many panels able to form a range of different shapes, it creates the flexibility to suit a wider variety of stand spaces created by the modular system.

If the stand size were to increase, you may of course require additional panels, but these can be added alongside and interspersed with your existing panels. Especially as we have an archive of every panel print file, allowing us to continue the existing design in the future. This level of flexibility cannot be found with fabric displays.

Hire exhibition stands for Spring Pharm at Olympia. Produced by Quadrant2Design

Modular Stand Hire

When redesigning most modular solutions you have to consider how the hardware reconfigures into a new shape as well as the graphic panels, which can be a limiting factor, as you only have a certain number of components to build with.

However, with our free hire service plan, chosen by over 90% of our customers, the hardware is hired to a customer for each show completely free of charge, meaning our full range of components is available for reconfigurations. This means only the graphics will have to be reconsidered, once again creating more flexibility and creative freedom.

sponge UK exhibition stand, 6x6 island, 5m tall, blue and red, with banner

Throughout our 22-year-long history, we have completed over 10,000 exhibition projects, producing an estimated 100,000 graphics. Every project to date is archived, as you never know when you may need to use or build upon existing graphics for an up-and-coming trade show.

For help with your next reusable trade show stand, speak to one of our experts at 01202 723 500 or email