Meet Wilhelm

The Saint Bernard and the Prestige Events System share a common
heritage of superb Swiss Design and Functionality

Great Swiss Design

Our mascot Wilhelm is a great example of The Saint Bernard, a Swiss breed of dog known for its steadfast nature, strength and versatility.

These dogs were originally large farm dogs, used for herding and general protection duties in the mountainous regions between Switzerland and Italy.

The earliest written records of the Saint Bernard originate from the monks at the St. Bernard Hospice, situated on the St. Bernard Pass, a dangerous route through the mountains, where travellers often came to grief.

The monks discovered that these tough dogs were brilliantly adept at tracking and rescuing lost travellers in these perilous conditions.

As with all Swiss design, the Saint Bernard combines versatility, strength and function with beautiful looks.

The Prestige Events System

Another great example of Swiss design principle is the Prestige Events System.

Invented in the late 1970’s by Swiss inventor and entrepreneur Peter Petersen, Prestige is built on design innovations that convey huge benefits to the modern-day exhibitor.

Prestige stands comprise of strong expanding frames that combine with seamless-effect graphics, showcases and digital presentations to create bespoke designed exhibition stand structures.

These design features make Prestige stands lightweight yet strong, easy and safe to build, and environmentally responsible.

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