Marketing Week Live Expectations

Still providing the big name speakers and leading brands, Marketing Week Live promises, that despite its down-scaling, the show will be as big as ever.


So what are we expecting from this new Marketing Week Live?


Of course, we understand the show is going to be far smaller, however with the narrowing down on who can attend, it seems that most leads will be genuine, rather than those there just for the freebies. Despite the cynical nature of this idea, it is a genuine problem that everyone has to deal with at a show and it is time consuming, both during the show time, and afterwards, when you start your after show contact emails and phone calls.


With Marketing Week Live’s new streamlined approach, networking, and learning, is going to be a lot smoother. With only exhibitors, visitors, and speakers from the industry, the whole show is going to be a lot more focused and to the point. Which, during a busy, and time limited couple of days, is exactly what we need.


So overall, we are looking forward to the new Marketing Week Live and are expecting big things from this year’s show. With lots of focused ideas, we can’t wait to get up there and see what is in store!


If you would like to visit us, on stand M30, at Marketing Week Live 2015, registration can be found at