Marketing Week Live 2014

Far too often, marketing decisions are defined as either being ‘creative’ or ‘logical’ – never a happy medium. We’ve found that effective marketing actually incorporates both forms of thinking. After all, the brain uses a combination of emotions and reasoning to make rational decisions, so why not translate that through to Marketing?

At Quadrant2Design, we work hard to create a balanced marketing approach, and in doing this, we aim to demonstrate that an investment in our service and product is both a logical and a creative decision. In other words, we try to show our clients that Prestige not only makes sound business sense within their marketing strategy, but also offers them creative freedom through the design process and layout of their exhibition stands.

With the left side of the brain associated with logic and realism, the left-hand side of our exhibition stand will talk about the portability, ease of use, as well as the modular and re-configurable aspects of the Prestige System. While the right side of the stand, representing the creative side of the brain, displays the harmonious, flowing integrated nature of a Prestige exhibition stand.

What better way to show this than to demonstrate it in person. Make sure you don’t miss us at Marketing Week Live this year. We will be exhibiting at Olympia in London on stand B254 on 25-26 June. Come and visit us and learn all about our left and right brain exhibiting…


Our brains have arrived…

Our new stress ball brains have arrived and are ready for the show! Make sure you come and see us on stand B254 to get one.