There are great benefits to being a Poole exhibition stand design and build contractor! Join us as Maggie treats the installers and answers popular questions.

Our pre-build facility has been bustling in recent months, and the installers have been working hard. Since we are so close to Sandbanks Beach, Maggie decided to grab some ice creams, treat the installers, show the benefits of our location, and answer our most frequently asked questions along the way!

Importance of Pre-Build

Quadrant2Design has a pre-build facility at our headquarters in Poole. We fully pre-build every stand ahead of every show as our final quality measure before the show installation. But how important is this quality measure?

Not pre-building a stand before event day is very risky. At Quadrant2Design, we believe this is the most important check before each show as you are able to test every aspect of the stand and ensure it is perfect.

Not only this, but clients are always invited to visit their pre-build to check they are happy with the stand, test features, and sometimes product placement!

Visiting us in Poole

Sandbanks beach with Poole Exhibition Design and Build Contractor, Quadrant2Design

Many clients visit our pre-build facility to view their pre-built stand, or, for purchase clients, to attend exhibition stand build training.

Luckily, if you’re planning to visit, we’re based in sunny Poole, a very short journey from the Beach! Our location means that visiting your pre-build never has to be an inconvenience.

Feel free to make a day of it! If you take the train to Poole Station, we are always happy to pick you up. You can enjoy some cakes and coffees in our showroom and then have a nice lunch or an ice cream along the beautiful Sandbanks Beach. From there, you can walk all the way to Bournemouth Pier to see many of the popular local attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can clients reuse their exhibition stand for a different show and stand space?

A: Absolutely! Our exhibition stands are all modular, reusable and reconfigurable. But what does this really mean for your stand?

The modularity of our system means that stands are made of separate components that can be pieced together in different ways. The reconfigurability of our stands means that these separate components can be rearranged to suit different stand spaces. Parts can be added or removed to completely change the look of the stand or the stand size! As the stand is made of high-quality materials, the stand can be packed down to reuse again and again. To make it even better, we offer Lifetime Free Design, so your reconfiguration designs are free of charge!

Q: Will Quadrant2Design pre-build my stand before every show, or just my first? 

A: We pre-build your stand ahead of every single show you attend. Here at Quadrant2Design, we will never skip a pre-build as we will never take risks with your stand. This is our promise to you.

In-house Collaboration

Poole exhibition stand design and build contractor - Quadrant2Design talks about pre-build

Though this video is light-hearted, everything we do at Quadrant2Design, we do as a team! Whether it’s graphics, stand design, marketing, project management, printing, pre-build, installations or stand transport. Every service is performed in-house. This means that we can ensure every part of your exhibition stand is perfect and ready for your event. As Maggie says: “One team, one dream!”

Collaborate With Us

Whenever clients visit our pre-build, they gain the opportunity to feature in one of our Today in Pre-Build films. This film is a great way to build up a buzz ahead of your show and can be shared on social media or on your own website as part of your marketing.

As you can see there are many benefits of being a Poole exhibition stand design and build contractor, and many benefits to visiting us! If you would like to know more about pre-build or would like a free no-obligation design proposal please get in touch. Email or call 01202 723 500.