Luxscents UK Case Study

The Background

Having only set up shop as a business in 2019, Luxscents UK are a brand new fragrance company, specialising in distributing quality scents and cosmetics for both men and women.

Based in Coventry, Luxscents UK, which are part of the umbrella company Armaf, were eager to exhibit to raise their brand awareness and showcase their range of perfume products to potential key buyers.

They chose to exhibit at Spring Fair at the NEC from 2nd to 6th February 2020. This is the UK’s premier annual event for the home and gift retail industry, bringing together retailers, exhibitors and marketers.

The logistics of exhibiting can be intimidating for any business who is doing this for the first time. And as first time exhibitors, Luxscents UK chose to use Quadtrant2Design as they knew our project management team would manage every detail for them, from their initial design right through to the stand installation at their show.

What is more, as we guarantee quality control by doing everything in-house, Luxscents UK could rest assured we’d take full control of their project from start to finish.

exhibition stand for luxury product gift display on golden floor


As this was a high-profile exhibition for the gift retail sector, Luxscents UK not only wanted a stand that would announce their presence in the industry, but also a dynamic and engaging way to showcase their variety of scented products.

As Luxscents UK are also resellers as well as distributors, this meant the company branding and the products were different. But it was vitally important we helped Luxscents UK to combine the branding so it felt cohesive to visitors.

Having a space-only 8m x 6m stand, with 3 open sides, gave Luxscents UK the perfect opportunity to create an inviting stand with different areas that visitors could walk around to explore their strategically placed products.

Our Solution

The main focus of Luxscents UK’s exhibition at Spring fair 2020 was to promote their perfume products, in a seamless manner. Our solution was to create a visually appealing product showcasing environment that would entice visitors to the stand.

To achieve this aim, we created a great mix of stunning imagery with unique product displays. Our design team came up with an immersive and fully branded solution that made Luxscents UK’s stand appear like a perfumery section in a department store.

For this exhibition, Luxscents UK used our Free2hire plan. As this plan includes our full project management service and professional installation, it made it ideal for a first time exhibitor like Luxscents UK as it took all the stress out of their exhibition planning and logistics.

As this plan means that Luxscents UK only had to pay for their graphics, project management and installation, the hire of the stand structure and hardware storage was free of charge. This means it is an incredibly cost-effective solution for Luxscents when they come to do future exhibitions.

Design Features

Luxscents UK wanted to raise brand awareness and promote their vast assortment of perfumes, and we had the perfect design features to help them achieve these aims.

Our illuminated high-level branding meant their stand was going to catch the eye of visitors when they entered the hall.  And our photo-flooring helped create a fully immersive branded environment for their entire space.

But as this was all about product showcasing, our most important design features on this stand were our product displays. Luxscents UK knew how their products were displayed would have a huge impact on their sales and leads.


As well as integrated illuminated custom-designed showcases on the stand itself, we also added stand-alone shelving and three counters with under-lighting plinth tops. This particular design feature had the effect of lighting up their products from below which made them more enticing to the visitors at Spring Fair 2020.

Luxscents UK were delighted with the amazing product management they received from using Quadrant2Design for their first exhibition.  And the solutions and design features we devised to help them establish their brand in the industry and promote their scented products, made sure their show at Spring Fair 2020 was a huge success.

Author Bio | Natalka Antoniuk

Natalka is an exhibition blogger  for Quadrant2Design who uses her industry expertise to teach business owners the benefits of the trade show floor. She has developed a unique insight into the world of exhibiting, having spent time working alongside exhibitors, event organisers and exhibition stand contractors.


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Written by Natalka Antoniuk