Love Hemp Case Study

Love Hemp Exhibiting at Bodypower & Vape Expo!

Love Hemp are the UK’s leading supplier of CBD and hemp products. After launching in 2015, London based entrepreneurs Tony Calamita and Thomas Rowlands have seen tremendous growth within the business.

Love Hemp are known as industry innovators and have an extensive product range including oils, sprays, vapes, chocolates, jelly domes and beauty products. They were also the business responsible for introducing CBD infused still water into the UK.

As Love Hemp continued to grow, they decided exhibitions would be a great marketing opportunity for them. Their aim was to raise brand awareness and find new stockists. They booked floor spaces at Bodypower and the Vape Expo, both at NEC, to showcase their brand and product range.

One Stand, Two Shows, Two Different Stand Spaces

Love Hemp had spaces booked at two shows, Bodypower and the Vape Expo. One of the spaces was a 4m X 10m island space and the other was a 3m X 5m space open on two sides.

The team wanted one stand that they could reconfigure and reuse at both shows. This meant that they needed a modular solution. Our custom modular exhibition stands would also allow Love Hemp to use floor-to-ceiling bespoke graphics.

The brief asked for the graphics to be split between the Love Hemp branding and the Love Hemp Water that they were launching in the UK. This is easy to achieve with a custom-designed exhibition stand.

The final requirement was that the stand would attract attention, display a range of their products, include audiovisual elements and integrate lockable, antitheft storage.

Custom-Modular Solution the Right Fit

Our custom modular solution gave Love Hemp fully-custom graphics that could highlight Love Hemp Water as well as the core brand. It was fully reconfigurable. This meant that they could use their stand at Bodypower and the Vape Expo despite having different sized spaces.

As well as creating a reusable stand, we were able to save Love Hemp money by offering our Free2Hire plan. This plan offers exhibitors the freedom to exhibit. It allows anyone to rent our exhibiting solution without paying for the hardware.

Love Hemp could still utilise professional installation and dismantle but they had no logistics or storage costs to worry about. This makes for a cost-effective, stress-free exhibiting solution.

To achieve the final requirements of Love Hemp’s brief we incorporated some of our unique design features into the final stand.

Stand Out with these Top Design Features

Whenever a customer tells us that they want to stand out, we always recommend high-level branding. This unique design feature allows you to continue your graphics up to 3.9m high. More people notice you when you tower above the rest of the room.

Large island spaces are great for creating pop-up environments that encourage visitor interaction and engagement. We do this by “building walls” with a 3D structure, archways and designated zones.

We built product showcases into the exhibition stand to seamlessly show off the brand. They were fitted with lockable, antitheft Perspex windows. Additional lockable storage was placed behind the printed countertops to allow Love Hemp to keep spare stock on their stand.

Finally, we built iPad stands into the countertops for visitors to browse the complete product range and to allow staff to collect lead data.

stunning exhibition stand design for CBD industry

Written by Natalka Antoniuk