James and Amelia in graphics department

Lifetime Free Stand Design

You will know by now that one of the best features of Prestige is that you can ‘reconfigure’ your exhibition stand and graphics for future shows.

This flexibility and reusability is at the heart of the Prestige Events System.

But unless you have access to 3-D AutoCAD design, you will struggle to create the exhibition stand reconfigurations. This is where we can help.

Our 3-D designers will, free of charge, re-design and reconfigure your existing stand and graphics to fit within any new stand space.

This allows you to get the maximum on-going value from your Prestige investment.

Our designers seek to use your existing kit and graphics, but if you’re moving to larger stand space, an additional purchase may be necessary.

Lifetime Free Design is permanently available to all of our clients.

Green exhibition stand with lots of showcases

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