Bring your stand to life with the Quadrant2Design LED Video Wall!

Our LED Video Wall seamlessly combines high-definition LED technology with our Prestige Events System to create a spectacular attention-grabbing display.

The LED Video Wall can be used as a standalone feature, or add to the overall visual appeal of your stand. The superb moving imagery will attract the attention of passers-by, making them keen to find out more about your brand.

The LED modules can be connected in a variety of configurations. These include

  • Large LED Video Wall: 3m x 2m
  • Portrait LED Video Wall: 1.5m x 2m
  • Small LED Video Wall: 1.5m x 1m

How they work

Our Video Walls are made up of multiple LED modules, which contain clusters of thousands of LED bulbs. The LEDs create a bright and eye-catching display, even under the lights of the exhibition hall and the other lighting on your stand.

Rapid processing speeds prevent lag in videos, while also allowing the large visual to maintain the richest, most vibrant colours and outstanding definition. There is no glass front, so no glare or reflections, allowing the video wall to maintain its spectacular look from all angles.

Seamless display

Other large-scale displays often consist of multiple linked TV screens. This does provide a large image but the frames of the TV screens interrupt the graphic.

With our LED Video Wall, the modules combine seamlessly to produce a single fluid picture.

The LED Video Wall is also safe, easy to install and more durable than a TV screen of the same size.

Uses for an LED Video Wall

The LED Video Wall is a versatile feature that can be incorporated into your stand in a number of ways.
Your display could include:

  • Eye-catching stock video footage
  • Product or service demonstrations
  • Real-world imagery
  • Animations
  • Alternating marketing messages
  • Virtual brand representatives