Lebanos Food Trading set to steal the show at IFE 2015

Lebanos Food Trading is a specialist importer and distributer of traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean food and drink. From wine to vine leaves, and olives to arak, Lebanos Food Trading provides the finest quality, genuine Mediterranean produce in the UK.

With a history in restaurants, Lebanos Food Trading have a detailed and extensive knowledge of ingredients needed within a good Lebanese kitchen. These ingredients include produce from traditional brands, such as Samih Al Yaman and Gardenia Spices.

This year Lebanos Food Trading will be launching two new products at IFE 2015. 961 Beer is Lebanon’s top rated beer. Brewed with Lebanese herbs and spices, this selection of beers have distinct sweet and spicy aromas. 961 Pale Ale, an IFE top 100 product, is the most recent concoction of the brewery. Created with a delicate mix of Lebanese herbs, this IPA inspired ale is filled with the flavour of the Lebanese Spice Markets.

Sunset Rose wine, Lebanos Food’s second IFE top product, is created in the 600 acre Ksara estate, the oldest wine-making estate in Lebanon. With a rich history, including a Roman Grotto, which now acts as the Chateaux’s wine cellar, and a series of world war one tunnels, that are the perfect temperature for storing wine, it is not just the history of the Chateaux that is rich. The wines produced are fruit, delicate and robust.

To showcase these new products, Lebanos food have opted for a Prestige Exhibition Stand, supplied by the Dorset based exhibition specialists, Quadrant2Design. With integrated showcases and high quality, seamless effect graphics, the portable, modular design will display the fragrant Mediterranean specialities.

IFE is the UK’s largest food and drink event, exhibiting over 1000 suppliers and from more than 50 countries. This year will see the show split into nine sections, including Cheese and Dairy, Meat and Seafood and Walk the World, an exploration of food from all over the globe.

The show will also showcase a series of events and presentations, including ‘The Great British Kitchen’, where great British chefs will demonstrate how to bring together the best regional British produce, and the ‘Gourmet Drinker’, where the top alcoholic drinks available from smaller artisan producers will feature the new trends for the upcoming years.

To visit Lebanos Food Trading, on stand S4735, at IFE 2015 (22nd – 25th March), register for tickets at www.ife.co.uk.

For more information about Lebanos Food Trading, visit www.lebanos.co.uk.

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