Stop the press! A ground-breaking discovery has been made in the coastal town of Poole, Dorset – the world has never encountered dinosaurs quite as ferocious as these little monsters!

The new species of dinosaur was discovered in one of the spots where such a find was almost inevitable – in such close proximity to the Jurassic Coast. We’re nestled close to Charmouth, one of the most famous Jurassic locations, renowned for its cliffs and abundance of fossils of our ferocious ancestors.

Like many Tyrannosauridae, the ‘Bostonosaurus’ are known for their powerful jaws, short stocky legs and obsession with destroying everything in sight. They are the ultimate apex predator of the food chain. How can we say this for certain? Local exhibition stand specialist, Quadrant2Design, captured the moment of discovery…

It is unknown how the previously extinct beasts made their way to our creative hot shop, but they descended on the exhibition stand specialist’s production factory in full force. The unexpected attack began in the Quadrant2Design grounds, and quickly escalated from there.

Although it is thought that the Bostonosaurus lived 65 – 70 million years ago, witnesses of the vicious attack confirm that this was the 1 metric ton beast in the flesh and not fancy animatronics.

“It all happened so suddenly,” commented a distressed survivor who managed to just escape the rampage

Another horrified witness frantically panted, “Thank goodness, I was standing right next to an evacuation point. But, you just don’t expect this when you work in the exhibition industry, y’know? I came here to design exhibition stands, not to be eaten alive!”

We can confirm that the two volatile Bostonosaurus have been contained and an investigation has been launched into the origin of the escape. Five are rumoured to be fatally injured and a further ten critically hurt following the attacks. But on the upside, this horrifying attack took place against the visually stunning backdrop of a completely revamped, very swish, contemporary-looking Quadrant2Design showroom featuring the very best in innovative exhibition stand design.

The Quadrant2Design team have dubbed the rampage Jurassic Bark and is accepting support from the local community to clear up the attack and comfort the families of the bereaved. To visit the setting of Jurassic Bark, contact the Quadrant2Design team on 01202 723 500 or email