iPad Displays and Exhibition Stands

Why iPads have become an essential business tool for exhibitions

iPads and Exhibitions – Why iPads have become an essential business tool

Benefits of iPad displays on your exhibition stand

Store Managers know that people love to play with an iPad. After all, every single Apple shop is created with tons of open space and rows and rows of tables with mounted iPads, iPhones, and more for customers to come and touch! They’re the gadget that everyone wants, but not everyone can afford, so any chance people get to play with them, they will! They also know that people are more likely to hang around in the shop or even go into the shop in the first place if the iPads are visible from outside.

It’s no wonder then that the iPad has become the ‘must-have’ tool for businesses, both in the office and out of it. According to an article in MediaWeek, tablet devices have seen the ‘fastest uptake of consumer technology of all time’. Using iPads for Exhibition purposes is also a growing trend, and in my opinion, it’s more vital than ever to get on board.


Why use iPads at Trade Shows and Exhibitions?

Interaction and Building Relations

iPads will increase traffic to your stand – Like the phone shop example above, the same applies to exhibitions. You’re more likely to draw in the crowds with an iPad or two sat on your counters, begging to be played with. This means people will hang around longer, and also increases the chances of face to face interaction, as well as making more of a lasting impression. To start with the distraction of the iPad is a great ice-breaking tool. You can start with asking people a few questions over a simple app to gather research and get to know them, before getting into the more in-depth conversations once you’ve established what they’re looking for at the exhibition and if you can fulfil their need.

On that topic, you should utilise apps to collect email addresses – Collecting data and email addresses has never been easier, especially when there are tailored apps that do it for you. Apps such as OnSpotSocial and SignUpAnywhere have been created to collect email addresses while you are offline, and sync all the data once you have a secure internet connection. Plus, people feel more inclined to give you their email address on a shiny iPad than standard pen and paper which tend to lie neglected on the counter.

Aesthetic Preference

The argument about ‘Apple being the best’ is a long going one. Though because of the relatively high cost in comparison to other brands, their exclusivity promotes a status of wealth and professionalism, increasing the reputation of those who own them. In other words, if your company is seen with one, you’re going to look good. It’s like dressing head to toe in Gucci or Prada; you’re using this accessory to help promote the appearance of your company and let people know you’re doing well enough to afford one. And even if you can’t afford one? There are a number of companies that let you hire them, such as trusted and recommended AV supplier Precision Events!

Tidier stand space – The latest iPads boast an impressive 10-hour battery life; more than enough to last you a day at a Trade Show. So no more laptop cables and leads trailing all over the place.

Security and Peace of  Mind

Last of all, one thing you need to make sure of is that your iPads are securely fastened and locked to your exhibition stand. The last thing you want is to be too scared to leave their side, hovering over prospective customers and potentially scaring them away. Secure iPad stands like the one pictured above give you the peace of mind to leave the iPads on their own, leaving you and your colleagues free to mingle with other clients elsewhere on your stand.

Since their launch in 2012, Apple’s iPad has lead the way for tablet devices. They created a business tool more efficient and easy-to-use than arguably any other piece of technology we own. It’s making exhibiting even easier and more interactive for the customers. It seems such a shame to pass up such a brilliant opportunity. It’s time to get on board and make the most of this technology, as it’s sure to help shape the way we exhibit in future. It’s a no brainer!

For more information on our new iPad holders pictured above, please email designteam@quadrant2design.com.

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