Quadrant2Design 100% Pre-Build Guarantee

Quadrant2Design’s exhibition stand pre-build is a vital part of our business! We pre-build every single stand we create, down to the very last detail.

There are a few reasons why the exhibition stand pre-build is so important

  • It allows us to quality-check the entire stand long before the final event. It’s one thing to see a stand design on a screen but to check the real thing means that we can guarantee that everything is perfect long before your stand arrives at your event.
  • We don’t believe in leaving the build until the day of your event and hoping that everything will be how it should be. In the very rare cases where issues do arise, our pre-build checks allow us to identify and remedy these issues well in advance, rather than running around trying to troubleshoot on the build day.
  • It’s a great opportunity for customers to come in and see their stand in real life, get a feel for where everything is and test out the features. This means they can hit the ground running on the first day of their show.

Once stands are built, checked and signed off, they are packed into purpose-built travel containers and stored in our locked caged area until the event.

Warning! -Some exhibition contractors claim that they pre-build your stand, when really they don’t! Always ask to attend your pre-build, even if you do not intend to.

Exhibition Stand Pre-Build Visits

Quadrant2Design’s customers are always invited to come along to their exhibition stand pre-build, as it offers a great opportunity to get to grips with the stand before the actual event.

Many of our visitors will have already seen their stand’s design onscreen but there’s nothing that can match seeing it in real life. Taking part in the pre-build allows customers to test out their product displays, see how the features of the stand function and become familiar with the stand before it arrives at their event.

Some of our recent pre-build visits include Optinet, Harrier Trail RunningCheatwell Games and Modulus, as well as pre-build installation training for Strolll and ICRTouch.

For customers who are unable to attend, we supply pictures and videos of the stand during the pre-build, but strongly encourage customers to come along if they can!

Find out more about Quadrant2Design’s pre-build guarantee here

Quadrant2Design Pre-Build Guarantee