ICRTouch’s Tony Franklin recently joined Quadrant2Design exhibition stand installer Cullen Luke Marais in our pre-build facility for his full exhibition stand installation training.

ICRTouch delivers individually tailored EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) software systems designed to be easy to use, fast and reliable, giving businesses time to deliver experiences to delight their customers.

With a unique opportunity to see the company’s stand up close, ICRTouch’s Tony Franklin discussed what he thought of the stand. He told us

“I think it’s brilliant, I love it, I love the branding, I love the clean lines. Yeah, really, really clean.

My favourite part is probably, being very arrogant, ICRTouch. Representing the brand, the colour scheme, the look, it’s very professional and that’s what we are, so portrays us very well.

I know what other stands look like, we did our research before we bought our stand and did our design, and looking around at the market place, I think this is going to be a Rolls-Royce at the show.”

ICRTouch have a very busy exhibition calendar over the next year, with around 11 events already booked. Tony also told us

“The shows booked this year coming, we’ve got the IFEX, Hospitality Expo, Northern Restaurant and Bar, we got HRC, we’ve got, there’s one more. There’s 11 shows booked for the foreseeable future but that’s with our partners as well.

Having different shows we got different size stands booked as well because we can’t dictate to the exhibitors or exhibition people what stand size we get so the perfect route with ourselves was to buy the stand, buy the modules based upon your CAD drawings that we design with you and then we can turn up and just create as we go along.”

So the reusability and reconfigurability of the stand was obviously an important stand feature for Tony and ICRTouch.

Like all of the stands Quadrant2Design create, the ICRTouch stand is highly reconfigurable and can be installed in multiple unique configurations. Cullen took Tony through a variety of these stand set-ups ready for the company’s upcoming events.

Following the training ICRTouch successfully installed their stand at the Hospitality Expo 2024 in Dublin! The team did a fantastic job installing their stand, as you can see from the picture below.

ICRTOUCH - Hospitality Show Exhibition stand 2024 Quadrant2Design

The stand was also reconfigured and used again at the IFEX Exhibition in Belfast!

ICRTouch IFEX Show Belfast 2024 Quadrant2Design

Exhibition stand installation training

All Quadrant2Design purchase clients receive free training with our expert exhibition stand installers, where they learn the intricacies that go into a successful stand installation.

Cullen explained his training plan

“We start with the paperwork, get the clients used to reading it and figuring it out. Then we set up the frames, give them a quick demonstration of how it’s set up because there’s certain things you have to take into account such as the weight of the frame, or the complexity. Then we move on to showcases and electrical and then, once that’s all done and polished, we move on to graphics. Then we polish.”

Tony was very complimentary of Cullen’s training, saying

“Cullen’s really good, he’s very informative. I’m his number one fan and he’s really, really good. Basically, explained everything thoroughly, explained the drawings, explained how it’s put together but more importantly gave me the eye for detail. So he gave me that thing about making sure it’s lined, making sure it’s straight lines, how to tap it into place, all the little techniques that he knows that I wouldn’t know.”

After an in-depth training session, customers also receive free and ongoing access to our training animation videos, as well as access to our handy exhibition advice guides to help them make the very best of their show.

Training Animations

We’re so glad to see that ICRTouch has followed up their training with multiple successful stand installations. We’re looking forward to seeing more pictures of the various reconfigurations as the company’s 2024 events calendar continues.

For more information on our comprehensive training, or for a free no-obligation design proposal Contact our team today on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com.

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