How we designed an Exhibition Stand for eCommerce Expo 2013

The Initial Stand Design


As Evosite are a website designing company, it was vital that the design incorporated lots of integrated audio visual elements to display images of their websites and current projects to potential clients. Prestige therefore was ideal for displaying mounted plasma screens as well as incorporating iPad stands into the stand.


One of the benefits of the modular Prestige System is the ability to create curved shapes within a stand space – something that many Custom Build companies struggle with. Kajal wanted to break up the straight back wall to give a more ‘interesting’ shape to the stand, and so created a curved wall on the left featuring a mounted plasma screen. This also allowed enough space behind for a small storage area for the staff – ideal for keeping the exhibition space tidy. As well as this, Evosite requested for several integrated showcases to display leaflets, as well as a counter to meet and greet clients.


As it was a Space Only site which was open on 3 sides, the design had to be able to catch attention and draw in potential clients from all sides, and so High Level Branding was added to the left curved wall to do just that


“It’s a simple but attractive looking design,” Kajal told me, “and knowing that Evosite were eager to have lots of visual elements on their stand I was keen to make sure the mounted plasma screens were positioned so that as many different people could view them as possible – with one on the curved wall for people in the aisle, and the other behind the counter. The layout is simple but ensures it has a unique look to any other stand at the show.”


As for the design, Kajal wanted to use a similar simple design to that on their website, and so used their company logo to create a flowing pattern which could be printed seamlessly across the stand. The simple colour scheme keeps it looking professional and in tune with their company branding.




Evosite were impressed with the initial layout, but requested for there to be more High Level Branding on the right hand side of the stand to help them stand out against their competitors at the show and create a stronger visual presence.


With their own designer on board, they requested for us to send them blank designs of the stand so that they could come up with their own graphics.





With their own graphics sent in and printed, we pre-built the final stand in the pre-build area of our warehouse in Poole. As with every exhibition stand we produce, we fully test each stand, putting up every element to make sure that everything is working as it should to give our clients peace-of-mind before the day of the Exhibition.




 ABOVE: Evosite at eCommerce Expo 2013


 And here it was at eCommerce Expo at Olympia, London October 2013. As you can see, the endcap showcases were ideal for placing literature, while the curved walls and counter ensured it caught attention from all sides. From start to finish, we listened to Evosite’s needs and made sure that the exhibition stand we produced for them was exactly what wanted, helping them every step of the way to create an exceptional looking exhibition stand.


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Evosite were at the eCommerce Expo at Olympia, London October 2-3 2013. If you’d like your own free stand design for an upcoming exhibition or event, call one our Design Consultants on 01202 650333 or email us at