So how do you maximise the space of your exhibition stand?

Integrated Product Showcases


Give visitors more room to walk around and mingle by doing away with those large, cumbersome shelving units. Integrated showcases like these above save lots of space as well as looking slick and professional. Our showcases can be adapted to suit a variety of needs, including hanging rails, slat walls, lockable doors and sliding doors. Lockable showcases are ideal for expensive product displays, such as jewellery, watches or cameras.

Mounted Plasma Screens

Exhibition displays with monitors mounted to them rather large television stands will not only save buckets of space, it’ll look a lot better too. It’ll also keep any cables hidden and tidied away instead of trailing across your exhibition space or into the aisles, saving any potential accidents happening.

High-Quality Graphics

Just because you have a small stand space or shell scheme doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looks. A few posters and a laptop presentation won’t give off a positive and confidence message to potential clients. Instead, be brave and use bright, bold graphics that show who you are and that you’re confident in yourselves and the product or service you provide. This small stand configuration for our long-standing customers Savvis is a great example of just that, featuring other eye-catching features like illuminated endcaps and high-level branding.


High Level Branding

So you may have only booked a small exhibition space – how can you make sure you get noticed? Use High Level Branding to rise up high above other exhibitors. But what if I’ve booked a shell scheme, I hear you ask? Not many people realise this, but in most cases you can actually remove the shell scheme facias, enabling your stand to tower over other shell scheme stands to a height of 4m. ( Please be sure to always check this with the show organisers first).

And if you really want to get noticed, why not go even taller? Use branded suspended banners from the ceiling to attract attention from across the Exhibition hall.


It’s always going to be tricky trying to get everything you want to fit onto your stand. The main thing to remember with an exhibition stand is to make sure it doesn’t look too cramped. Plan your space wisely and carefully – the last thing you want is to have too many tables, chairs and television stands scattered around that it makes it intimidating and hard for people to physically walk onto your stand for a chat.

To see more of our CAD designs of exhibition stands, why not head to our Flickr page. With over 300 designs it might give you more space-saving ideas for your next show or event.
Or if you’d like to request your own free design proposal, please email our team with your ideas at or call 01202 650333.