Why is storage useful when exhibiting? 

It’s crucial to allocate sufficient storage space when designing an exhibition stand.

Usually, exhibitors bring extra products, samples, literature, coats and bags to the event, which clutter the stand. Alongside personal items, many exhibitors utilise furniture and monitors. These items sometimes arrive in boxes that need storing throughout.

Making space through hidden or built-in storage ensures the stand looks professional and clean.

3 ways to include storage in an exhibition stand

Counterfix and Plinth Storage 

Counter Storage in Exhibition Stand for Jersey Dairy

If you are looking for subtle storage in your exhibition stand, Counterfix and Plinth features are a great option. Counters can be used for product display, with clear panelling or as storage space, with graphic panels. Counterfix features are completely customised to match branding; you can even add a QR code to the countertop. In addition, these functional features make a great space to interact with customers, and are aesthetically pleasing.

While the Counterfix and Plinth share some similarities, there are some differences to be aware of. For example, the Plinth is narrower and more rectangular, while the Counterfix is larger and more rounded. Storage is accessed from the employee-facing side for both the Counterfix and Plinth. However, the Counterfix utilises a “peel-away” graphic, whereas the Plinth uses a lockable door. 

Both storage options are useful for smaller stands, such as a 3×3. This is because you utilise your floor space instead of your stand space and do not have to sacrifice graphics and product display for built-in storage. Counterfix features can also come in varying sizes. For increased storage; “L” shaped or double-length counterfix features can be used.

Regardless of which feature you choose both the Counterfix and Plinth are excellent choices for exhibitors looking to incorporate practical storage solutions that blend seamlessly with their branding and overall design.

Lockable Showcase with graphic panel 

Lockable showcases are often used with clear fronts for product display however, with a graphic panel, they are a brilliant storage option. 

The showcases use minimal space on the stand and provide hidden and secure lockable storage, perfect for smaller high-value samples, products and belongings. This storage option is great for all stand spaces and can save the use of a storage room, where it is unnecessary. 

Storage Room  

Quadrant2Design design and build vibrant stand for Actiph Water at IFE 2024. Includes Storage room with brand-matched curtain.

When you have a larger stand space and many items to store storage rooms are a fantastic option. This is a closed-off area built into the stand to store exhibition essentials. Storage space is hidden by a curtain that matches your branding colours for visual effect. It is important to note that this option may take up valuable space within your stand, and are best used when larger amounts of storage are required. 

Our stands from ACE 2024 are a great example of storage rooms in practice. ACE is an aesthetics show, and many of our clients were giving demonstrations that required samples, fresh towels, and transport boxes for monitors and beds that needed storage throughout the event. Because of this, nearly every stand utilised an integrated storage room. 

Quadrant2Design can make secure storage rooms using Octanorm Walling, and lockable doors. Like the regular storage room, curtains can hide the lockable doors to match the brand aesthetic. Or, alternatively, graphic panels can be added to the door for a cohesive look. 

Quadrant2Design Storage in Exhibition Stand

Our Design Consultants 

With years of experience creating bespoke exhibition stands using our Prestige Events System, our Design Consultants will always find the best solutions for your stand! 

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