How to choose the colour of your Exhibition Stand

The use of colouring is a form of non-verbal communication, anchoring and relaying meanings and emotions. Have you ever noticed how food companies never use the colour blue? That’s because blue instinctively suppresses our appetites; it’s not a natural colour of food. Another example to think of is how a perfume company might choose to use the colour red in it’s branding, to re-inforce feelings of love and passion, while a company promoting recycling might opt for green to stir ideas of growth and nature. It’s a way of indicating who you are and what you do, without actually saying so.

It’s estimated you have just 6 seconds to grab the attention of someone at an exhibition hall before they walk away. That’s six seconds to say who you are, what you do, and most importantly why they should hang around. With this in mind, it’s important to choose the colours most suitable for your company, as well as to stand out against your competitors.

So how do you go about choosing the right colour scheme?

– The best and most obvious place to start is from the colours in your logo. Using the same colours from your current branding will make your stand recogniseable to existing customers and more memorable if ever people see your logo again in future.


– Revisit your school days and use a colour wheel to draw ideas from.

For a bold, contrasting look, use complementary colours opposite each other (i.e blue and orange). It’s generally better to pick one colour as a main background colour, and the other as an accent in the foreground for a bold look, such as text or images.
Triadic colours evenly spaced from each other also give a vibrant look (i.e violet, blue-green and orange).
For a more harmonious look, use colours adjacent to each other (i.e blue and blue-green). This idea works particularly well when displaying 2 different partner companies alongside each other.

-Alternatively, pick either black or white as a base colour and one other colour to use on top. This will give your stand a simplistic but professional look, as demonstrated in these examples below.


Top tips to remember

Use your company colours where possible. Brand consistency is one of the key factors to building trust and loyalty with consumers.
Don’t try and use too many colours at once, it’ll look clumsy and all over the place. If you’re stuck, keep it simple.
Don’t think of any idea too ‘wild’ and far from the purpose of your company. Clever gimmicks will be hard to understand and decode in the 6 seconds customers will walk by. If it’s too complicated, they’ll move on.
And lastly – you will always have help coming up with colour concepts from a CAD Designer from your chosen exhibition company. So if you’re completely stuck and have no idea where to start – leave it in their safe hands – they know what they’re doing!