How to Build an Exhibition Stand

So, you’ve chosen the exhibition that fits your business and your goals, and you’ve booked the space. You probably haven’t considered the how your stand will be constructed, but maybe you should. The answer to “How is an exhibition stand built” changes drastically depending on the type of stand you choose, which will depend on your budget.  Exhibition display stands broadly fall into four categories:

How are these stands built?

1. Custom Built

These bespoke exhibition stands are at the top end of the range in terms of cost.  If you have the budget you will get a unique, eye-catching stand.  They are typically made of wood and require teams of professional carpenters and exhibition stand builders to construct these custom exhibition stands.

The advantages are that you will stand out from your competitors as your stand is custom built and completely unique.  The disadvantages are that they are wasteful and expensive.  The construction methods and materials used make them very difficult to reuse for future events once dismantled.  It would also be tricky to achieve the same look again.  Plus storing them presents a huge challenge.  Generally, such stands are discarded at the end of the show making them an unsustainable choice.

2. Aluminium Frame

These stands are built with a robust profile aluminium system.  They also require a team of specialist contractors to build them, but the end result is a large, strong stand.  The advantages of these are that they can be made larger than many other stands.  It is possible to make them double storey which will enable you to tower above your competitors and really stand out.  You can also have overhangs with large graphics.

The disadvantages are they require a decent budget as you will have to hire and pay for specialists to construct them. Often the metalwork remains on show, if you are going for an industrial feel, it can work well, but most of the time the aluminium profiles just break up the graphics, disrupting your branding and the overall flow of your stand. Lastly, they are not easy to transport or store, you will most likely need a lorry and rented storage space, also adding to the costs of building an exhibition stand.

3. Custom Modular

Custom modular stands consist of expanding frames that can be linked together to create a custom-built look without the expense or the need for a team of contractors.  PVC or fabric graphic panels are attached to the frames using magnets or slotted in.  So, there is no need for power tools or specialist teams, you can simply build the stand yourself.

Modular stands fold away into small boxes and the graphics roll up.  This makes them very easy to store and transport.  You will also be able to deliver your stand using a small van or estate car and store it yourself.

Your exhibition stand contractor should show you how to put up the stand before you take it away.  Make sure you understand how it all fits together so you don’t have a stressful start to the show.  Alternatively, you can ask your contractor to take the stand to the event and build it for you.  They may also be able to take it away and store it until the next show.  This is what will happen if you choose to hire a stand rather than buy one.

4. Pop-up/Portable

Pop-up exhibition stands are the most straightforward to construct. They consist of pull-out banners or basic fold out frames and can easily be built by one person.  Typically, these will be used for a smaller stand, perhaps by a company testing the waters in exhibiting.  They are the cheapest to buy and can be easily packed away, transported and stored.

If it is your first time building an exhibition stand and you don’t have a huge budget these stands represent an economical way of having a presence at a show without spending a fortune.  However, they are unlikely to draw a lot of attention which may affect your return on investment (ROI).  An exhibition is only a success if you can gather plenty of leads and increase awareness of your company, and for that to happen you need to be noticed.

So, building an exhibition stand can be a simple process if the stand is quite basic.  To get a better result, gain as many leads as possible and really demonstrate your presence within your industry, a custom modular stand is the best option. 

These are bespoke stands that can be built by a few people without specialist knowledge or tools and will enable you to stand out from your competitors. For help with your exhibition stand call us on 01202 723 500 or email