There’s an old saying – “you can have it done quickly or you can have it done right”. Well, with Quadrant2Design, you can have both!

Within the exhibition industry, everybody loves longer lead times. Far-off deadlines allow more time for collaboration with customers and more flexibility in the logistics of designing, manufacturing and installing stands. These far-off deadlines may, however, soon be a thing of the past.

Current trends suggest that short exhibition lead times are becoming more common within the sector; with 90-day turnarounds predicted to become the norm. For many businesses, this is going to cause a real headache moving forward, while at Quadrant2Design our process-driven business model is perfectly adapted to meet these shorter lead times without the slightest compromise on quality.

Our award-winning exhibition stands are designed, manufactured, installed and stored entirely in-house, which offers an unrivalled level of control and accountability for each and every project. All of our staff are trained in building a prestige stand, creating a genuine synergy between departments and ensuring that the whole Quadrant2Design team functions as a well-oiled machine.

We are never beholden to the lead times of external contractors because every detail is handled by members of our own expert team. It is this which allows us to successfully complete over 600 projects a year!

The process of (quickly) creating award-winning exhibition stands

While the customisable nature of our Prestige Events System stands means that no two projects are ever the same, the modular structure allows us to confidently produce visually impressive, high-quality stands within a short time frame.

Exhibition Stand Design

Each project begins with a free design mock-up of the stand layout.

Customers liaise with our in-house design consultants, who work closely with our 3D designers to create stand mock-ups, including any amendments or adjustments requested by the customer.

This means there’s no need for information to pass from customer to liaison, to account manager, to brief-writer, to design consultant, to designer and back again; all of which would take time.

Project Management

Once the design is finalised, and a customer chooses to go ahead with Quadrant2Design, the project is allocated to one of our expert project managers, who assumes responsibility for ensuring each step of the process is completed within the agreed deadline.

The Project Manager is the primary point of contact in the production of the stand, as well as the planning and approval of the stand with event organisers and onsite contractors.

All of our project managers have years of experience in the role, which has made them extremely efficient and comfortable with short-turnaround projects.

Graphic Design & Printing

After the 3D structure of the stand is confirmed, the graphics are created by our graphic design team. Customers are welcome to use their own graphic designers if they wish, however, working directly with our experienced in-house designers means fantastic results, with no waiting around.

Once graphics are approved, they are printed using our state-of-the-art print-finishing facilities, downstairs in our own production facility.

Stand Build

Our production facility holds an abundant inventory of hardware for our modular stands. This hardware is loaned (free of charge) to customers using our free-hire plan or sold to customers looking to buy and self-build their own stand. Having this equipment readily available in-house means no lead times on delivery and no reliance on other companies.

Pre-Build Inspection

Issues cause delays. And delays extend lead times. So, to avoid those delays, it’s vital that any issues are found and resolved as early as possible. One of our most uncompromisable principles is our 100% pre-build promise. This takes place in our very own production facility and allows us to check every last detail of the stand before installation.

After the inspection, the stand is packed away and stored in a designated area of our production facility, ensuring that nothing is misplaced or damaged between pre-build and installation. This removes the risk of panicked damage control on the day of installation.

Transportation, Installation & Dismantling

Remember when we said we handle every aspect of the project? Well, we meant EVERY aspect.

While many exhibition stand companies will subcontract the transportation, installation and dismantling of stands to external contractors, this presents a huge risk of delays, breakages and substandard work.

At Quadrant2Design we operate our own fleet of modern, well-maintained vehicles to transport your stand from our production facility to your event. Why do we do this? Because we don’t believe in leaving your stand in the hands of any third party, ever!

Our experienced team of stand installers transport your stand directly to your event and provide expert installation, minimising any risk of last-minute problems.

Returning Customers

For our returning customers this whole process can be even quicker!

After each project, we store both the physical stand and the digital designs (free of charge) ready for future events. For returning customers, this means we can quickly adapt and reconfigure an existing stand for new stand spaces, add new features or completely redesign the stand, but with an established understanding of the brand values and design preferences.

Designing an exhibition stand is a complex process but it doesn’t always have to be a long one. While we do still recommend starting your exhibition stand project 4-6 months before your event, in times when this isn’t possible, Quadrant2Design are perfectly placed to deliver a perfect exhibition stand on a short lead time, without ever compromising on quality. That’s why we are the UK’s most popular bespoke exhibition stand contractors.

For help designing your next exhibition stand call us on 01202 723 500 or email