How Quadrant2Design create our spectacular bespoke exhibition stand design proposals

People often ask us how Quadrant2Design take our customers’ exhibition stand ideas and turn them into the spectacular stands that you see all over UK exhibitions. It’s a complicated process, with lots of moving parts, but it all starts with our design proposals.

We begin every exhibition stand project with a free, no-obligation design proposal that shows you exactly how your exhibition stand could look. This proposal offers a first glimpse into your bespoke exhibition stand design and provides the foundation for collaboration between our Design Consultants, 3D Design & Visualisation team and you, the customer.

They also include a short video tour of your stand, as well as a link to your custom-created virtual event website.

How are proposals created?

Some customers come to us with very specific ideas for their exhibition stand – they know how they want their stand to look, what features they want to include and what marketing messages they want to convey. Others… not so much!

Some customers aren’t at all sure what they want from their exhibition stand and come to Quadrant2Design with a very open brief. They may know the size of their stand and the events that they will attend, but that’s often where the vision ends.

But that’s ok because that’s where Quadrant2Design’s Design Consultants come in!

Bespoke exhibition stand design

The first stage in creating your custom stand design is a call with one of our expert in-house Design Consultants.

Our Design Consultants (also referred to as Account Managers) have years of experience in creating the most spectacular bespoke exhibition stand designs. They are experts in not only listening to but understanding your needs, and using their extensive knowledge of Quadrant2Design’s Prestige Events System to present the best possible solutions.

Through just a short call, your Design Consultant can decipher what your business needs from your exhibition stand, assess how those needs can be met by our solution and communicate these insights to our in-house 3D Design team so that they can create your business’ bespoke exhibition stand design.

Some of the questions they may ask include

  • What is your budget for this event?
  • Do you have any future events planned or booked?
  • What size stand have you booked?
  • Is your stand space within a shell scheme or ‘space only’?
  • What is the layout or configuration of your stand? How many open sides does it have?

They’ll show you real-world examples of stands we have previously created, so you can see the intricate features for yourself. These features include

  • High-level branding
  • Product display options like showcases and plinths
  • Specialist lighting features
  • Counters
  • Storage options
  • Interactive features

They will also discuss any specific, non-negotiable requirements you have for your stand, such as space for large equipment, electricity, running water or internet access.

Exhibition stand design ideas from Quadrant2Design

The brief that your Design Consultant produces will then be used by our in-house team of 3D Design experts to create your business’ exhibition stand design proposal.  Concept artwork, including branding, colour scheme and marketing messages, will all be drawn from your website or other elements of your online presence and will give an idea of how your graphics could look.

Following your proposal you’ll have opportunities to request amendments before final designs are drawn up. Once final designs are approved our in-house production team get to work on bringing your stand from the screen into the exhibition hall, but that’s a story for another day!

And that is how your bespoke exhibition stand design proposal is created!

Over the years Quadrant2Design has completed thousands of successful exhibition stand projects for companies of all types, shapes and sizes. If you’re thinking about your next project and looking for some creative exhibition stand ideas, contact our team today on 01202 723 500 or email for your free, no-obligation design proposal.

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