Two Quadrant2Design expert installers in orange t-shirts construct a Prestige Events System exhibition stand. As one installer attaches blue graphics panels to the framework, the other attaches the lighting features.

At Quadrant2Design health and safety is a top priority and this is reflected in all of our processes and procedures. From the development of a clean-process exhibition stand system, which requires no power tools or hazardous materials, to the comprehensive training that is provided to all members of our installation team, as well as our self-build customers.

Each step of the process is thoroughly planned, with procedures put in place to make installation as safe as possible for everyone involved.

The health and safety risks

Before exhibitions begin venues are filled with hundreds of installers, often working in large teams for several days.

As with any construction process, the installation of an exhibition stand has the potential to present some significant health and safety risks if not performed correctly.

Some of the health and safety risks associated with exhibition stand installation include

  • Falling while using ladders, forklifts or cherry pickers
  • Tripping or slipping hazards from materials and tools left on the floor
  • Spillage of hazardous materials
  • Fire risk from improper use of electrics etc.
  • Injury caused through the use of power tools
  • Injury caused by heavy lifting
  • Falling stand materials or tools
  • Vans and trucks moving amongst pedestrians

This is not an exhaustive list and it is important when undertaking an installation to not only identify all of the associated risks but also implement processes to minimise them.

Find out more about identifying safety risks with our risk assessment and method statement.

A Quadrant2Design installer stands atop a ladder adjusting a lighting feature on the high-level branding on a stand for the bank of England. Another installer attaches graphic panels under the direction of a project manager.

Installation safety campaigns

Over the years multiple campaigns have arisen focused on identifying the specific risks associated with exhibition stand installation and adopting processes to make installations safer.

Work Right “Dust Kills” – The Work Right “Dust Kills” campaign increases awareness of the health problems that can arise as a result of continued exposure to construction dust, which has been linked to multiple chronic long-term lung conditions.

Stop the Drop – The Stop the Drop campaign raises awareness of installer safety when working at height. The use of ladders and lifting equipment can present significant safety risks and it’s essential that these risks are minimised.

An expert Quadrant2Design exhibition stand installer attaches a magnetic bar to the Prestige Events System framework.

How do Quadrant2Design ensure safe installation?

There are a number of ways in which Quadrant2Design improve health and safety in exhibition stand installation.

Expert Installers

At Quadrant2Design we have our own team of expert exhibition stand installers. We never outsource installation, so we have full control over training, as well as ensuring that installers are provided with all of the necessary equipment.

By only using our own installers instead of relying on third-party contractors, we can ensure that the people building our stands are familiar with all of the intricacies of the Prestige Events System.

All Quadrant2Design installers receive comprehensive training which includes complete coverage of our health and safety protocols. Our installers are also supplied with all of the appropriate equipment, which is well-maintained and regularly serviced.

Self-build training

Our customers also have the option to purchase their stand and then build it themselves at the venue. For self-build customers we offer full face-to-face installation training, as well as comprehensive exhibition stand plans and ongoing access to our training animations and video resources.

Because customers are able to build their own stand, it’s simply not enough to ensure that our professional installers have a safe installation process in place, the system itself needs to be safe for anyone to build.

A step-by-step guide to self-building your stand.

The Prestige Events System

Our exclusive modular exhibition stand system, the Prestige Events System, is composed of pre-constructed components which negate the need for power tools or hazardous substances. Components arrive at the venue fully manufactured and go together like pieces of a very large 3D puzzle.

Installation does not produce any dust, waste or fumes, which makes it safer for our installation team, as well as customers self-building their stand.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement for an Exhibition Stand

For more information on our professional exhibition stand installation and dismantle service email or contact our team on 01202 723 500.