How Carolina designed an Exhibition Stand for World Travel Market

So when The Tourism Board of Izmir approached us and asked us to design a stand for them at World Travel Market, we relished the opportunity to help them promote tourism in such a thriving, historical city.

Design Director Carolina Perez-Leon took on this job, and was determined to really bring a sense of history and culture to the stand.

“I wanted to combine traditional Turkish elements such as textiles and patterns, with a contemporary modern design, hoping to attract the interest of a much younger target audience,” she told me.

“I did a lot of research on the city and the types of buildings that were there, and then used the shapes of their temples to be to create vector artwork. I then placed images of traditional patterns and rugs inside of them – I really think this creates a bold, visual impact against the white background.”


 For her it wasn’t just about creating a stand that had a few pretty pictures of the city on it, she wanted to create an physical atmosphere, as if you’re actually stepping into a slice of Turkey. Original vector artwork was drawn up of native trees and the iconic Clock Tower that sits in the Konak Square, visible on the left hand side of the stand, with the internal pattern inspired from traditional Turkish tiles. Around the stand, showcases were used like little windows; some of them were fitted with specially designed working Turkish lamps.

“I created the layout with lots of little walkways, entrances and windows, to make it feel like you were walking round a village. Every direction you look there are patterns and shapes, decorative features and lighting specific to Turkey.

The brightest lights on the outermost part of the stand were placed to look like streetlights. Using only lanterns in the small meeting area was done to create an intimate feeling, as if you’re inside a Turkish building. I also wanted to request the show organisers turn off the main lights above this stand. I really wanted to play with every aspect of the lighting and interior design of this stand to help create that Middle-Eastern atmosphere.”

And I think you’ll agree that by looking at these pictures of her imaginative and creative designs, she managed just that.



 “To this day this is one of my favourite stand designs I’ve done. I really pushed myself and my creative abilities, and am really proud of the final result.”

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