Guide to Hiring your Exhibition Stand

More and more of our exhibitors prefer hiring their exhibition stands.

We have two hiring options:

Free2hire™ comes with professional project management, installation and free-loan of the exhibition stand structure. This plan delivers hired exhibition stands that look new and perfect and within a commercially effective package. Around 80% of our clients use this rental service.

Hire2self-build™ is for exhibitors who are hiring their stand, but whose exhibiting circumstances make self-building the most commercially sensible option.

Read on if you want to know a bit more about exhibition stand hire…

Why do exhibitors rent their exhibition stands?

Hiring your exhibition stand generally results in lower costs, per exhibiting project.

You’re also not tying up capital in exhibition stand hardware that you may only use once or twice.

Plus you retain the flexibility to choose alternative solutions for future events.

What type of exhibition stands are suitable for hiring?

Nearly all ‘custom-built stands’ are supplied on a hire basis. The problem with custom-stands is that they are not reusable in different, future, stand space.

For that reason many exhibitors prefer hiring modular exhibition stands, like our Prestige Events System, that can be re-configured and reused again and again.

What is the quality of hired exhibition stands?

Beware of hiring your exhibition stand from a ‘display’ type exhibition contractor!

Many of these companies will attempt to hire you a banner-system or truss-system, that masquerades as a serious exhibition stand solution.

Be careful also, of contractors who view their hire service as providing 2nd Class exhibition stands.

You don’t want to be hiring exhibition materials from an exhibition contractor who takes this view.

There are a small number of companies (Quadrant2Design is one) for whom exhibition stand hire, is their primary and most important service.

For these contractors, the quality of their hired exhibition stands is extremely important.

What size of exhibition stand is suitable for hiring?

If you’re hiring from a cheap ‘display’ type company, they will lack the resources to supply even medium or larger stands.

These contractors are only suitable if you want to hire a cheap truss system or banner system for a very small stand.

Reputable contractors will be able to hire you creative looking exhibition stands that will be designed to exactly fit your stand space.

At Quadrant2Design we custom-design our exhibition stands to fit a whole variety of stand space, from small shell-scheme up to the largest space-only sites.

Quadrant2Design’s Free2hire™ explained

  • You pay for your exhibition graphics, project management and installation
  • You pay no hire cost for the exhibition stand structure – this is supplied in a free-loan basis
  • For exhibitors who want to rent, but also want a fully managed and professionally installed hire stand
  • An exhibition stand hiring option that is cost-efficient and flexible, upon which you can base an entire exhibiting programme
  • Learn more about Free2hire™

Quadrant2Design’s Hire2self-build™ explained

  • You pay for and own, your exhibition stand graphics
  • You pay a reasonable hire cost for your exhibition stand structure
  • For exhibitors who choose to hire their exhibition stand, but don’t want, or need, a managed and installed service
  • A rental option that can be cost-efficient depending on your particular exhibiting circumstances
  • Learn more about Hire2self-build™