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Hire or buy your exhibition stand?

Whether you’re planning for your first exhibition or you are a seasoned exhibitor looking for a new solution, you are probably wondering whether you should hire an exhibition stand or buy one.

In this comprehensive exhibiting guide, we will cover the benefits of both exhibition stand pricing options (and let you know about our Free2Hire plan). The aim is to help you make an informed decision when it comes to planning your next show.

Are you trying to find out about exhibition stand hire in the UK?  Or which two questions you should ask yourself before you make a decision? This guide will cover the following:

    • Hiring Vs. Buying an Exhibition Stand
    • 5 Benefits of Hiring an Exhibition Stand
    • 5 Benefits of Buying an Exhibition Stand
    • The question you must ask yourself
    • Quadrant2Design’s Free2Hire Pricing Plan

Which exhibition stand pricing plan is right for your business?

Having made the decision to exhibit at a trade show, you’re now making your way through this planning template. It’s time to organise your exhibition stand, including tasks like:

  • Finding a contractor
  • Choosing which type of stand you want
  • Signing off on the 3D design and graphics

The other thing you may be starting to think about is your pricing plan. You’ve defined your budget and booked your floor space. If you’re following this budgeting template then you have around 50% of your remaining budget allocated to your exhibition stand. Now you have to think about how you want to spend it.

You could go out and buy an exhibition stand. Many contractors will show you a selection of “off-the-shelf” stands that you can customise with your own graphics. The contractor will ship the completed stand to you in time for your show.

First-time exhibitors, or those with budget limitations, aren’t typically keen on buying a stand because of the large upfront cost. If you don’t have many events lined up, you may consider hiring an exhibition stand. It’s about finding the right pricing plan and exhibiting solution for your business.

Professional Install or Self Build

A common misconception is that when you buy an exhibition stand it is your job to build and dismantle it at the event. The truth is that it is entirely up to you.

If you love DIY, you might want to install your stand. But you can do this whether you choose to buy or rent the exhibition stand. The same can be said the other way around.

If you have too much to worry about on the run-up to your show, speak to your exhibition stand contractors about their professional installation and dismantle service. Again, this should be available if you choose to buy or hire your exhibition stand.

Quadrant2Design team building a stand

Hiring Vs. Buying an Exhibition Stand

Hiring an exhibition stand will usually be the cheaper of the two options that a contractor presents to you. That is why it is so popular with exhibitors. Purchasing your stand also comes with benefits. Despite the initial one-off cost, buying your stand is cost-effective if you exhibit at multiple events.

Before we break down the individual benefits of buying vs. hiring an exhibition stand, it is worth thinking about the type of stand that you want to use. Some options, such as custom-builds, are only available to purchase.

If you want to make an impression on the trade show floor but you don’t want to purchase a custom-built stand, custom-modular exhibits look great AND are available for hire or purchase.

Custom-modular exhibition stands are 100% reusable and reconfigurable. This means that they easily adapt to different venues, floor spaces and shows. What’s more, you can wrap them in your own branded graphics. There is no limit to the design, size or style. This is the system to use if you are looking for a stand that can stand up against custom-builds, attract crowds, and boost your ROI. It’s the obvious choice, but should you hire or purchase your custom-modular exhibition stand?

5 Reasons you should hire an Exhibition Stand

Many business owners choose to hire an exhibition stand to keep costs low. Hiring your stand gives you more freedom and flexibility. Whether you are introducing exhibiting to your marketing strategy or have tons of experience on the trade show floor you might find rental exhibits the way to go. These are the top five reasons you should consider hiring an exhibition stand:

    • Easy exhibiting
    • Waste-free! Sustainable solution
    • Flexibility to change the stand design or choose new solutions for future events
    • Lower up-front costs
    • No storage between show

Easy Exhibiting

Most contractors will offer you the full service when you hire an exhibition stand from them. You don’t have to stress about installation or project management. They will even send a team to dismantle your stand. Hired stands offer stress-free exhibiting.

If you want to self-build you are more than welcome to, but it’s nice to have both options presented in your initial quote.

Sustainable Exhibiting

Hired exhibition stands don’t end up in the skip. Their reusable, individual components have a 15-year life span. Even different companies can reuse the hardware at different shows. This makes hiring a stand a sustainable solution to exhibiting.

Quadrant2Design team checking an exhibition stand

Flexibility to Redesign

Hiring your modular exhibition stand means you aren’t tied to one option. You can completely redesign the structure, graphics and additional design features for every show you attend.

Lower Up Front Costs

If you are trying to stretch your budget, hiring an exhibition stand is the way to go. The initial up front cost is lower for a rental stand than it would be if you were buying it outright. Hiring is also great if you have a consistent annual budget.

No Need for Storage

Finally yet importantly, when you hire an exhibition stand there is no need to store it in between shows. The contractors who you hire it from will take it away with them, ready to reuse it at another show. This can save you time, money and space.

5 Reasons you should buy an Exhibition Stand

When deciding whether you want to hire or buy an exhibition stand, the first piece of advice is to look at your plans for the next five years. If you have several shows booked, buying your stand may be the most cost-effective pricing option in the long-term. Here are five reasons you should buy an exhibition stand:

    • One-off investment
    • Cost-effective over multiple shows
    • Everything stays in-house
    • Update and upgrade, no need to replace
    • Try new shows with reduced risk

One-Off Investment

Once you’ve bought an exhibition stand, it’s yours. That’s one less thing for you to worry about when planning your future shows.

Cost-Effective Exhibiting

Hired exhibition stands may look cheaper on the initial quote, but in many cases, it is more cost-effective to purchase your stand if you plan to exhibit at multiple shows. The one-off cost reduces the investment per show. The more events you exhibit at the cheaper your stand gets!

In-House Exhibition Team

If you buy your exhibition stand, you are in charge of transporting, building and dismantling it. This cuts out the middlemen. You won’t be relying on other people to take care of your stand. That being said, many suppliers will offer exhibition stand installation, as an additional service so don’t let this put you off.

Update and Upgrade

There is no need to buy a brand new exhibition stand if you change branding or launch a new product. Simply update the graphics or upgrade integrated design features to breathe a new life into your exhibit.

Try New Shows with Reduced Risk

The exhibition stand is yours. You’ve already bought it and have the freedom to exhibit wherever you choose. You can take advantage of that by buying floor space at new shows.

This way, you can test the water with shows you’ve never exhibited at before. This risk is much smaller. Without spending your budget on an exhibition stand, you need a smaller investment to attend.

Before you decide, ask yourself these questions

Both options have their appeal. Hired exhibition stands are easy because you don’t have to take care of the project management side of things. Buying a stand makes your exhibiting strategy more cost-effective over time. They may both appeal to you – but for entirely different reasons.

Given the current situation, I wouldn’t blame you for trying to stretch your budget further when it comes to exhibiting. The questions you need to ask yourself are:

“How many shows are you planning to attend over the next five years?”

“Do we want to install the stand ourselves?”

Hiring an exhibition stand will be a lower upfront cost, and could save you money if you’re not planning to attend many events, or have smaller but consistent annual budgets. But remember, buying your exhibition stand is more cost-effective in the end if you attend multiple shows.

Take a look at your exhibition calendar and any other events you may want to attend. How many shows are you considering? If you have several possibilities then buying a stand is a good option for you.

Now consider whether you want to self-build or take advantage of your contractor’s professional installation service. You are free to do whatever you want, whether you are buying or hiring your exhibition stand. When hiring, the cost will be included in the quote however when buying your stand this may come as an additional expense.

If the high initial cost is putting you off but you don’t want to keep paying the rental fee at every show, our Free2Hire plan is exactly what you need.

What is Quadrant2Design’s Free2Hire Package

Still can’t decide whether you want to hire or buy an exhibition stand? The Free2Hire pricing plan, offered by Quadrant2Design, is the solution for you. Why would you want to pay to hire your stand, when we will let you use the hardware for free?

With the Free2Hire pricing plan, you will get:

  • The whole stand structure free of charge
  • Project Management
  • Professional installation and dismantle
  • Floor-to-ceiling custom graphics
  • Lifetime free design
  • Free storage of graphics

You get all of the benefits of buying an exhibition stand as well as the great value associated with hiring. But you don’t pay to rent the hardware.

Every Free2Hire exhibition stand is fully customised according to the brief that you provide. Our team integrate audiovisual elements, product showcases and unique design features to bring your brand to life.

The graphics are yours. Reuse them across a busy exhibition calendar or take advantage of our free lifetime design promise to update and upgrade your exhibition stand.

Free2Hire exhibition stands are the secret to easy exhibiting. With dedicated project management, professional installation and dismantle and free you won’t have anything to worry about.

The icing on the cake is our Free2Hire pricing plan is as cost-effective as buying an exhibition stand. Once you’ve bought your graphics, you can hire the hardware from us at no cost as many times as you like. The only expense will be in the project management, installation and dismantle. Your stand gets more cost-effective each time you exhibit.

Hire Vs. Buy an Exhibition Stand: Summary

Hopefully, by this point, you have decided whether or not you are going to hire or buy your next exhibition stand.

You understand the benefits of hiring a stand:

  • Easy exhibiting
  • Waste-free! Sustainable solution
  • Cost includes international events
  • Professional, customisable branded graphics
  • Flexibility to choose new solutions for future event

But you’ve also seen the benefits of buying an exhibition stand:

  • One-off investment
  • Cost-effective over multiple shows
  • Everything stays in-house
  • Faster build-up and dismantle
  • Update and upgrade, no need to replace

And, if that wasn’t enough to help you make a decision, you’ve learnt more about Quadrant2Design’s Free2Hire pricing plan. The only solution in the UK that allows you to rent a custom modular exhibition stand without huge fees for hiring the hardware.

Ready to book your stand for your next show? Our design team are eager to speak to you and waiting for your call. Email us at designteam@quadrat2design.com or call us on 01202 723 500.