Last week Quadrant2Design was thrilled to be joined by Kate and Mary from Harrier Trail Running as they explored the pre-build of their exhibition stand before the National Running Show 2024.

This was the team’s first opportunity to see their finished stand, test out their product displays and get a feel for the stand before the big day!

Our customers are always invited to attend their pre-build, as it provides a great opportunity to see their stand ‘in the flesh’ and get a feel for it before it arrives at their event.

Kate Parker, Director and Founder of Harrier Trail Running, summarised it perfectly

“The pre-build has been amazing. It’s really allowed us to be able to try out where all of our kit’s going to go, get a feel for it, we’re amazed at the space. You can see things in the design, on paper but to really come here and see it and imagine what it’s going to be like on the day has just been fantastic for us.”

100% Exhibition Stand Pre-Build Guarantee

Quadrant2Design pre-builds every single stand we create. We don’t build half-finished stands and we don’t build them with bits missing. We build each stand right down to the last detail!

There are a few reasons for this, find out more here…

The importance of Quadrant2Design's pre-build guarantee

Thank you so much to Mary and Kate for visiting us and we hope you have a fantastic time at National Running Show 2024! See you again soon!

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