Glory Global Solutions Case Study

From Gaming to Retail, a Cash Technology Solution That Does It All

 Founded in 1982, Glory Global Solutions have grown to be a global leader in cash technology solutions. The cash recycling machinery that they produce is perfect for any business, in any industry, that usually deals with manual cash processing.

They provide solutions to financial institutions, retail, CIT, gaming and OEM. Their products promise safe and secure transactions that help the day-to-day running of any business and improve customer experience.

As you can imagine, Glory Global Solutions had a tough time choosing the right exhibition to attend. With such a varied portfolio of clients and so many niche industry events, it was impossible to choose just one.

Since we have been working with them on their exhibition stand, they have exhibited at:

  • Hotelympia
  • ICE Total Gaming
  • Hotel & Spa Tech Show
  • National Convenience Show
  • RetailEXPO

We’ve loved designing, manufacturing and building their stand at our favourite venues – Olympia London, ExCel London and Birmingham’s NEC. They are always keen to see new design features that can help their brand stand out on a busy trade show floor.

A FinTech Exhibition Brief

As experienced exhibitors know, it is almost impossible to get the same floor space at every show when your exhibiting calendar is this busy. Even if you get the same size, the layout could be different or you might have fewer open sides.

Here are some of the floor spaces that we worked with for Glory Global Solutions:

  • 4 m x 4 m, open two sides
  • 5 m (back wall) X 3 m, open one side
  • 6 m x 4 m, open three sides
  • 3 m x 3 m, open three sides
  • 7 m (back wall) x 4 m, open three sides

To combat this, Glory Global Solutions needed a modular stand that they could reuse and reconfigure to align with the floor space. This was also a cost-saving measure. Reusing an exhibition stand reduced the investment per show significantly.

Read this guide for more information on budgeting for an upcoming exhibition.

When providing us with the brief, Glory Global Solutions used words such as “vibrant”, “wow” and “make an impact” to describe the graphic design of their exhibition stand.

Hire an Exhibition Stand for Cost-Effective Exhibiting

With a busy exhibition calendar like that, Glory Global Solutions were the perfect fit for our Free2Hire plan. This pricing plan gives the exhibitor all the benefits of a custom modular exhibition stand, including branded visuals, unique design features and integrated audiovisual. However, unlike our competitors, we never charge you a rental fee for your exhibition stands hardware.

We suggested Glory Global Solutions take advantage of our professional installation and dismantle service. All of our projects are fully managed in-house by a dedicated project manager. Our in-house experts are happy to take care of everything so there was less for Glory Global Solutions to worry about on the run-up to their show.

Our solution to Glory Global Solutions brief was simple:

Give them an exhibition stand that looked great and demanded attention but take full advantage of the Prestige Events Systems adaptability. To put the cherry on the cake we’ll make it cost-effective and stress-free as well.

Rotating Headers, High-Level Branding and Edge-Lit Acrylics to Wow Crowds

Glory Global Solutions wanted an exhibition stand that would make an impact. Our CAD and graphic design teams used the colours, logos and imagery found on their website to create something vibrant.

The exhibition stand used a selection of our unique design features to draw in the crowds and make people take notice of the brand. High-level branding helps delegates see your stand from the aisle. Rotating headers also add height to your stand, but the additional moving attracts attention.

Floor-to-ceiling graphics wouldn’t be complete without a branded photo-floor. Our floors are the perfect solution for a modular exhibition stand. Extending the graphics in such a way creates an integrated branded experience.

Then we started having fun with the lighting. Lighting features make an impact. They ensure your stand doesn’t look like all of the other exhibition stands. We love integrating lighting design feature.

Glory Global Solutions had edge-let acrylics to highlight specific elements. They also had a downlit LED custom countertop. All of these lights were in their brand colours and made sure the exhibition stand made an impact.

blue high-level exhibition stand

Written by Natalka Antoniuk