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Project Management


Our Project Managers are highly organised and resourceful people who ensure the smooth running of clients exhibition stands.




Graphic Design


At Quadrant2Design, graphic design is a creative and production role.



3D Stand Design


If you’re a talented 3D designer and Visualiser, get in touch!



Sales and Marketing


Are you a straight-talking person with strong communication skills? We want to hear from you!



Production and Installations


If you’re an exhibition stand builder or similar (or would like to be one!) get in touch!



Graphics Production & Finishing


If you’re an exhibition & large format print production operative (or would like to be one!) we want to talk to you!



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If you’re a hardworking, top-flight exhibition professional, or maybe a keen newcomer, please register your interest by sending us your CV.


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Quadrant2Design Glassdoor Reviews

At Quadrant2Design, we believe that prospective employees should understand the type of employer we are, the jobs we have, and what it’s like working within the exhibition industry and our company.

To be as successful as we are within the exhibitions industry, our people have to be super-efficient, organised and have a strong work ethic.

We can’t, won’t and will never let our clients down!

This means that many of our roles and jobs are not 9-5, and never will be. If you need to be away, on the dot, every day, the chances are that we’re not the right employer for you.

However, if you want a challenging role and good rewards, and the very real sense of achievement in doing a difficult job well, then working at Quadrant2Design may be for you.

And if you prove to be that kind of person, you are valuable to us. You’ll be well rewarded and will have found a permanent job within a great company.

So before you send us your CV or apply for a position, try to put yourself in the position of working for a company that never fails to deliver, whatever the circumstances.

Go to the link below and read some of our Quadrant2Design Glassdoor Reviews.

Have a look at some glassdoor reviews of our staff members and see what you think.

Employment at Quadrant2Design

Many people want to work at Quadrant2Design. But it’s not for everyone.

Consider the special demands of the exhibition industry; we have a highly specified, creative product and service, that must be delivered on time, and to perfect quality.

So we believe in being completely transparent about who we are, what we expect, and what you can expect from us. Hence our Quadrant2Design Glassdoor Reviews page, where you will get first-hand reviews from the staff.

  • For the majority of employees, normal working hours are 9 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Depending on the role, overtime may be required to meet the needs of our clients.
  • In busy periods, more overtime can be required than in less busy times.
  • In exceptional circumstances, weekend work may be necessary.
  • In return, the company has a flexible and cooperative approach to holiday requests and time-off for personal/domestic reasons.
  • Busiest months are January, September, October and November.
  • July and December are generally very quiet, and a time to either enjoy the summer or the run-up to Christmas!
  • You must be a person who can follow a procedure and has huge respect for quality.
  • We pay above-average in the Poole/Bournemouth area and offer great benefits that increase in value and scope, the longer you work with us.

If you would like more information about a specific role within the company, please take a look at our ‘Quadrant2Design glassdoor reviews, or drop us a line, or email your CV to


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