Wiebke Carvell

Working at Quadrant2Design | Glass Door Review | Wiebke Carvell

I’m currently the Customer Care Director, having been a Senior Project Manager for the past 6 years before moving roles.

Previously I’ve worked as a Project Manager at Extreme Exhibitions for 10 years; prior to that I organised a major show in Berlin called CWIEME – I have also attended events as an Exhibitor whilst working in Germany, so I have lots of experience on all sides of the contractor/organiser/exhibitor fence!

Each day is busy and interesting, it’s the variety and fast paced environment which I enjoy the most, as well as the opportunity to work with a great team, great clients and a fabulous product.  I’ve learnt a lot here so far, and most importantly discovered that Boston Terriers are very cute!

Interestingly, if I had to swap roles with anyone else in the company it would be our MD Alan. This would improve my table tennis skills dramatically; perhaps even enough to beat our champion player Ross (Head of Design).