Marsha Thomas

Working at Quadrant2Design | Glass Door Review | Marsha Thomas

I’m one of the two Designers here; our job is to design the exhibition stand once it’s been CAD approved.  Usually this means liaising with clients regarding the design, making any changes needed before it goes to print and lastly signed off.

My experience in the Design Industry started off with training to be an illustrator at Art College. It’s hard finding your feet in the early days because there are so many options in front of you. So my first job was as a story-board artist for tv commercials, before I realised I wanted to learn the more technical side of things.

What really separates Quadrant2Design to previous companies that I’ve worked with is the whole creative process. It’s rare to be able to design things and experience it with the customer, especially seeing it right through to the end and being able to walk around what we have designed in our downstairs production area. That’s something special.

It’s great being amongst like-minded individuals, and if I had to I would swap roles with Harry our Production Manager, just so I could see how things worked from the other side.

I like to think I’m creative outside of work too, I’m currently building a pub shed in my garden. This is all with no DIY experience, so I can’t guarantee summer drinks will be at mine.