Jamie Headley

Working at Quadrant2Design | Glass Door Review | Jamie Headley

I’m a CAD Designer, so we design the layouts of the stands. There’s a lot of variety each day from producing 3D visuals for new proposals to designing the more technical side of the stands. This normally includes producing panel plans, coming up with how the stand will be built and all the details that go into it.

What I really enjoy most about this role is the creative aspect for the incoming clients, a different client every day so a different kind of design each day.

My background is actually in Industrial design having graduated from Bournemouth University in 2017 making the transition into a graphic based job a bit easier.

During my placement year at Uni I spent 6 months in Qatar working on an underground metro project, which was pretty satisfying. I liked being part of a larger project , getting my ideas across and having an impact on the design.

I think if I had to swap jobs with anyone in the company it would be with Kajal, that way I get the chance to boss her around for the day.

Climbing is a big hobby of mine; I’ve been doing it for around 10 years now. I try to go bouldering during the week and do outside climbing on the weekends, all the big cliffs and stuff.