James O'Connell

Working at Quadrant2Design | Glass Door Review | James O’Connell

I’m a Graphic Designer and my job is to take the graphics and make them large enough for an exhibition stand.  Once I receive the assets from the client I will add value to them by increasing the size, colour, and add effects before sending them down to be printed.

This is my first office job after University; I studied at AUB and after I freelanced for a while working on websites. I’ve learnt so much from my colleague since starting here and more so, on the graphic side. An extraordinary amount of detail goes into large scale print compared to anything on a webpage; you need to be really diligent because any tiny little error will be magnified.

What I love most about my job is the creative freedom I get to create really cool designs for the client. My favourite would have to be big floor designs, I love putting them together and making something really exciting. The best part is being able to see the finished product at the end; it’s such a good feeling and so satisfying to see the effort come to be worth it.

It would be pretty awesome to do Hasto’s job for the day. He’s our photoshop expert and gets to work on some interesting images- can’t say I’m on equal footing as him though, but I would definitely try.

Fun fact about me, one of my most entertaining jobs was animating a music video of Donald Trump falling into a nightmare. It sounds bizarre but was so fun! In my spare time though I look after all my animals, do a bit of gardening and enjoy newly married life with my wife.