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These are glassdoor staff reviews of Quadrant2Design, the most successful exhibition company in the United Kingdom, with over 600 successful projects every year. Working at Quadrant2Design is not for everyone; we work in an industry where failure is not an option, and we apply the highest standards to our work. Take a free inside look and read these staff reviews and testimonials to decide if you have the commitment and professionalism to join our amazing team.

Who are we?

Quadrant2Design are located in Poole, Dorset, not far from the famous Sandbanks peninsular, and sandwiched between the lovely New Forest and Jurassic Coast.

We specialise in designing and building exhibition stands in our own solution – The Prestige Events System. Our stands are sustainable, modular, scalable and reusable.

The company is 20-years old and has thousands of successful exhibition stand projects to its name. At the present time, Quadrant2Design is reckoned to be the UK’s most successful exhibition stand contractor, with over 600 stands built every year.

We work from purpose-built factory and office premises, on a modern industrial estate. Walking into our design studios is more akin to entering a chic London Advertising Agency than an exhibition company.

We have great pride in our employees. Our industry and our work take place in one of the most challenging industry sectors there is. Our people work hard, are committed and are fully aware that, for Quadrant2Design, failure is NOT an option.

We have asked our valued employees to tell their story in these Quadrant2Design Glassdoor Reviews.


Salaries, Holidays, Benefits and Perks


According to the latest salary surveys, Quadrant2Design pay ‘above-average’ pay levels in the South East and Dorset region.


Benefits (after qualifying period) include private health care, health club membership, enhanced SIPP pension arrangements (retirement benefits) and extended holidays.


Four weeks is standard, up to six weeks for longer-term employees.

Key staff can also take advantage of an innovative Sabbatical Plan, that allows them to take extended leave for longer foreign holidays, to take a volunteering position or for other purposes.

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Our designers discuss our designs for the Kakapo Recovery Programme
Discussing stand designs for the Kakapo Recovery Programme

Quadrant2Design: Roles, Jobs and Vacancies

Quadrant2Design offer a wide range of employment opportunities, across a number of different, roles, position and jobs.

If you’ve read our Quadrant2Design glassdoor testimonials, and you would like to consider a career in the exhibition industry, call us on 01202 723 500 or email designteam@quadrant2design.com

  • Design: CAD design, 3D stand design and graphic design jobs
  • Management: production management roles and jobs
  • Project Management: project manager jobs
  • Manufacturing: various production and manufacturing job and roles
  • Business Development: sales and design consultancy jobs
  • Marketing: email marketing roles, SEO jobs and marketing executive jobs

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about working at Quadrant2Design.

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