Anticipate London

Quadrant2Design recently attended the Safety and Security Event Series at ExCel London, where we spoke to clients about the benefits of co-located shows and in-person marketing in vital industries. 

Following the success of the Safety and Security Event, Quadrant2Design is looking forward to the next set of co-located shows in the industry, Anticipate London!

Anticipate London will take place from the 2nd until the 4th of December, 2024 and will bring together four legacy events: IFSEC, FIREX, Facilities Show and Safety & Health Expo! 

The show gets its name from the need to anticipate safety changes in the modern landscape, specifically in property and people. Anticipate London brings together leaders in these industries to find solutions to emerging safety issues!  

Dorplan Exhibition Stand by Quadrant2Design



Face-to-face marketing is always beneficial for your company as you make real connections and prove your credentials. However, when you offer a vital service, or as Google would say a “your money or your life” service,  it is more important than ever to market in person. Because of this, budget holders and decision-makers operating in security, fire safety, property management, and health and safety want to do business in person.

Why in person?

  • Written words cannot always do your product or service justice, and can be easily misunderstood. When you speak in person, you use facial expressions, tone of voice and non-verbal cues to aid understanding, making it more effective for construing what you do and why it’s important.
  • Conversations in person allow you to put a face to your company name which makes you more memorable, personable, and trustworthy. Customers are also much more likely to remember you if you can make them feel an emotion about your product; this is much easier to do in person. Choosing between one or another life-saving product is a very significant decision to make. As a prospective client, an in-person conversation might be the difference between buying or leaving a product. 
  • In-person marketing allows for instant feedback. Whether through conversations or body language you can tell instantly if your product has landed successfully. This can allow you to alter your marketing or product based on feedback.

Darren Smith from Dorplan at The Fire Safety Event explains this perfectly:

“It all comes down to values. At the end of the day, we are trying to promote a brand, a product or a service to help save lives. Ultimately […] we are all trying to promote the same message. So, it’s understanding that message, we’re not just knocking some products together and making it look all fluffy. We are trying to get our message across and it’s important that message comes across well.”

FireChief Exhibition Stand by Quadrant2Design


When shows are co-located, they tend to receive far more visitors than if they were hosted independently. Some visitors come to visit just one show. But for most visitors, co-located shows are a convenient opportunity to source supplies for varying company needs all in one day.

Darren says:“It’s been obvious that there has been a bit of cross-pollination if you like, people have come over from the other side to see what we’re doing!”

James Phipps from Global Telesat Communications:“It definitely opens up a few more markets, customers that we wouldn’t necessarily focus on. The crossover is good; having a few shows in one.”

Impactful Stands for Anticipate London

Many of our clients from the Safety & Security Events will be reusing and reconfiguring their stands for Anticipate London! Since our stands use a modular system, they can have a whole new look for each exhibition and stand space.

Quadrant2Design exhibition stands feature a unique 100% graphic look that is highly-effective at communicating the benefits of services and products in these vital industries. Our stands are highly customisable; there is a wide range of bespoke features to ensure visibility, and catch the attention of guests!


Knowing the benefits of co-located shows, and the importance of in-person marketing, businesses in vital industries should book in to Anticipate London. It’s one you cannot miss!

We will be working with new and existing clients at Anticipate in December, to bring their visions to life. If you plan to exhibit at Anticipate, get in touch at 01202 723 500 or email for a free no-obligation design proposal.